Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yesterday was pretty much a nothing day.

as the cat kept waking me up and I felt like hell all day. We'll see what today brings. I feel pretty good now.

Today I have a medical appointment even though nothing is wrong with me. My wife wants me to see a dermatologist as I do work outside and she wants me checked for skin cancers and things likke that.

As a kid I would burn once in the late spring and then turn as brown as a berry all summer. There would be times we'd wear nothing but a set of shorts, shirt optional for days on end. My bare feet would toughen like it was made out of shoe leather.

I guess you're not supposed to do that.

I did it anyway, though.

Anyway this leads to another thing.

Ever notice the germ-aphobes you meet in life are constantly sick?

These are the guys that run around sterilizing everything they see. They bleach the counter every time they put a plate on it and seem to have a life's goal of killing off every single germ in the planet.

Then you take a look at someone like Pig Pen McGillicuddy that has never even sneezed once in his entire life. He's the guy that can fish a half-eaten rotten fish sandwich out of the trash Monday and have it for lunch with no ill effects.

My guess is that Pig Pen has an antibody system that will repel everything short of a direct hit with an artillery round. On the other hand, hoity-toity Harry there that spends half his income on bleach and Lysol gets a cold out of thin air. Eating the sandwich Pig Pen had for lunch would likely hospitalize him and he'd need an antibiotic IV for 2 weeks just to survive.

I have always thought that a lot of what ails the human race is that we have gotten simply too damned civilized. We don't allow our bodies to build our immunity system up to its potential.

Which leads to all of these allergies which are a recent development. We're doing something all wrong here.

I think it begins at childhood.

Back in the day we played outside and came home all muddy and dirty with skinned elbows and knees. Today it seems like kids play inside all the time and parents seem  afraid of letting their kids out of the bubble they have created for them. 

I wonder that a lot of this is created by being too civilized and too clean. If you don't let a few germs in the antibody system seems to fall asleep and then some small little thing knocks you down for a serious illness.

Well, seeing I have to go to the doctor's today I guess I better put on clean underwear so the doctor know I come from a good family and will try harder to save me.

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