Saturday, November 28, 2015

I just made an offer on eBay.

It was on a 'buy it now or best offer' sale.

I simply figured out what something was worth to me after all was said and done. I tok the price I was willing to pay for it, deducted the shipping price and made that as an offer.

Of course I received a counter-offer and I think I'll ignore it. 

The game is often played like some south of the border market with a lot of haggling. I don't want to play that game so my offer isn't going to change. If I wanted to play that game I would not have made my best offer up front. I would have bid a lot lower.

A big part of not getting caught up in auction fever is to simply figure what something is worth to you and use that as a top price one is willing to pay. Then you stick with it.

Some time ago there was a rifle sling that was running about six or eight bucks in a shooting publication. Someone was selling a identical one on eBay and a bidding war erupted between two fools. the final price was insane, well over $100. 

For some reason something over $400 sticks in my mind but I may be wrong. I do remember it was an insane price.

Anyway, I have just told the counter offer person that I wasn't interested in paying any more than my original bid on the item. 

I doubt he will sell for what I have offered but that's OK. I have told him what the item is worth to me and that's just the way it is.

Someone else will come along and I'll eventually get what I want. It's called patience.

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