Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Break out the battery acid! It's clean the sink time


Which isn't really what I did the other day but I have done it before.

There are now a whole bunch of cleaning agents out there that are supposedly 'green', meaning they are not supposed to hurt the enviornment. I do wonder, though because just about everything effects it one way or another.

People that drive a Prius always gloat about not polluting the atmosphere. When they do that to me I point out that the construction of a Prius uses rare metals that have to be mined and carry on about people in disadvantaged nations being herded into the mines for pennies a day.

Anyway, I remember the time I had a stained stainless steel sink to deal with and nobody was looking. I put on rubber gloves, plugged the sink and dumped in a bunch of battery acid and let 'er rip.

It actually did a pretty good job but I did feel guilty about it. The next time I needed to clean a stainless steel sink I used a grinder with rubbing compound and really shined it up. It did take a while, though.

The other day I cleaned a porcelin sink and there were a couple of stains in it. This happens and it is a case of a woman looking at the sink in the bath and kitchen department and getting all worked up about how beautiful it is. Of course she forgets about how hard it is to take care of but, dammit, it looks good.

Most guys and many women know stainless steel is more practical. It is far easier to take care of.

Anyway I covered the stains with Coment and soaked the Comet with bleach and let it sit for a couple hours and gave it a quick scrubbing and it came out great.

Bathtubs are a snap if you are willing to keep after them. All I do every couple of days is spray the tub and tiles with a little citrus degreaser and the next time you use the shower it cleans itself. It sure beats scrubbing your fingers to the bone with one of the newer 'green' products that don't work very well.

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