Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And the hits just keep on coming...

It's Tuesday and I have some legal work to take care of. My wife and I are finishing up on our wills.

The other day a buckle on my airline carry-on let go and I decided to repair it. 

The kind of buckle I want is called a Conway buckle and they are hot that hard to find if you are near an Amish harness maker.  I am not so I tried a couple of horse tack places to no avail.

The other thing I went looking for is a simple strap of a watchband and that was a 5 or 6 stop errand and I never did find a simple band I wanted. Instead I bought the pin tool and found an old NATO watchband I had tucked away.

Both of these led me to eBay as I just ordered several Conway buckles and watchbands for the future.

While searching through my stuff I realized it is time for one of my every few years go to the Army/Navy store and stock up on hard to get items.

I generally grab a half dozen web belts, a couple buckles, some dogtag chains and cheap GI watch bands. 

I go through web belts and buckles kind of fast. The dogtag chains wind up on the basement lights as pull chains and the watchbands I use when the original band on the old Timex Expedition gives up the ghost.

Oh, yeah. I also snag a couple of dozen P-38s which I give out to people from time to time. When someone makes a big thing out of nothing I generally award them with a P-38 and tell them to keep things simple.


In other news I emailed a guy in Swaziland yesterday asking him if my QSL card had arrived. 

Ten minutes after I hit 'send' the mailman arrived and his return card was in my box. That's par golf around here. The fastest way to make something arrive is to ask where it is.

Swaziland brings me up to about 204 DX entities so after another one or two arrive it is off to the QSL card checker to get them entered into my permanent record. 

What? Permanent record? 

Ah, yes. The old permanent record line of crap. We have heard this line for years. Most of us grin when we hear the term.

Actually I'll have the QSLs entered on my ARRL record and get a printout from them as proof which will be nice to have. That way I can shut a certain someone up.

Speaking of permanent records, 

There is an old school building north of here that was converted into an antique store co-op of some kind. The rooms are all little shops and each little section is 'owned' by a different person.

One room has a huge walk-in vault in it and I told the owner of the shop that they ought to stencil 'Permanent Records' on the vault. 

They did and it is pretty funny because people comment on it and even people in their 40s and up look at it agog and say,

"I didn't know there was really a permanent record kept on people!"

Maybe tomorrow or sometime soon I'll tell you the tale of the chick I scared the hell out of when she asked me what I did for a living and I told her I worked for the Federal Department of Permanent Records.

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