Monday, December 14, 2015

We're getting overdue for an incident of domestic terrorism.

Hopefully they get caught before they unleash something serious but I kind of doubt it if the perpetrator is a lone wolf similar to Timothy McVeigh.

The liklihood of such an event grows with the passing of time and the part that gets me is most of the American public will react with shock, outrage, indignation and surprise.

I'll just shake my head sadly and be one of the few that isn't surprised at all. I can see it coming.

It's too bad the American public isn't even a bit observant of the way things are looking.

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  1. Your December 17th 2015 Post outlines why it is impossible to know what attacks were thwarted.

    Government information and various slips to media would suggest there are a fair number of attacks that were intercepted.

    An interesting issue is that the massive level of media coverage the US Press gives terrorist GUARANTEES for attacks. We reward them with promotional coverage no amount of advertising spend could ever buy.

    The tide will turn in our favor, once enough damage is done to wake the Crusaders in our midst. Until then IS gets it way a lot, but afterwards they are fuuked.

    It should be those who plot against us who fear of another attack - who fear they will not make it to their next prayers and will die with bacon in the mouths.

    Until we decide to become the fearless we deserve to be fearful.