Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Global warming and climate change is now considered a hoax.

You don't say!

It's about time someone figured that one out. If you had ever asked me I would have told you where the hoax got started. It came from the Unitsd States Army office of Rumor Control. It specifically got  started at the sub branch of HHB 1/19 Field Artillery Rumor Control, enlisted man's section.

Back when I was in the army the battery  got off early one afternoon and I was sitting in the dayroom drinking a beer with a couple of the guys in the commo section.

We were bored and had nothing to do so we decided to start yet another rumor. One of the guys was a science whiz and there were a couple of early Trekkies there. The Global Warming theory is what we came up with.

I was there for the infancy of the rumor but left after two beers. I didn't want my wife to get miffed at me for coming home loaded. I was filled in on the details the next day and told that the real meat of the rumor didn't appear on the bones until the guys had a couple of six-pack apiece in them.

Little did I know how the rumor would spread or how famous it would later make Al Gore.

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