Friday, December 11, 2015


decades I never judged people by their appearance but it seems that over the past ten years I have started to. Especially among the young.

It alays seems to me that when I see some kid in a leftover from his father type hippie garb that he really isn't going to have a grasp on reality. Of course, he is going to act like he has his act completely togther and everyone else is just some kind of capitalist dog of some sort.

These clowns are generally as socialist as all hell politically. Most but by no means all of these people generally are unemployed.

On the other hand when I see a kid dressed neatly I generally find he is most likely going places. He looks like he's headed down the road toward success.

Of course, with engineering students and other egghead or nerdy types all bets are off. You never know how they are going to dress because they are generally too busy with ideas to care about what they look like.

Matt Taylor of the Rosetta project is one of these.  He got beaten up pretty good by the Social Justice Warriors a while back because he wore a colorful Hawaiian shirt with sexy women printed on it.

Most likely he didn't realize what he was wearing when he ws interviewed as he was too busy or distracted by the enormity of the project he was working on.

Then again, people like that can wear anything they want and the SJWs can use the mistletoe I keep clipped to my shirt tail.

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