Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Safe speech zones in colleges are a joke.

I can't for the life of me figure out why collges creates these zones. Colleges used to be hotspots of ideas, and some of them were pretty offensive. Colleges were often the first time a young person would be exposed to different people with different ways, customs and ideas.

Of course, Little Joe and Connie College seem to be willing to willing to accept the ideas and policies of their schools without question. Why I do not know.

The schools seem to feel the need to shelter the young and impressionable from something that might upset them. It used to be that colleges were to prepare a young person for the working world but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

There are no safe zones in the working world and it looks to me like the students ae going to be in for a pretty rude awakening.

Of course, many of them are spending a fortune on a worthless degree and will have a lot of money in loans to pay back on whatever they pay at Starbucks and McDonalds. It's all their liberal arts prepares them for.

I seriously think that we're going to see a change in hiring practices of a lot of companies. They are very likely to start looking at the military.

Right now a lot of Fortune 500 companies are activly seeking recently discharged officers. They arrive on the job pretty well trained. A former company commander doesn't have to learn personnel, logistics, report writing and a lot of other things because he has already done all of these.

With the way colleges seem to be producing worthless degrees and sheltred people it looks to me like a lot of companies are apt to look toward hiring from the enlisted ranks, too.

Recently retired NCOs know how to get things done and come with 20 plus years of real world work experience.  

Junior NCOs with a single four year hitch probably have an awful lot more real world experience than some kid that just graduated from some college and spent his time hanging in the safety zones. For one thing, the GI has had more experience dealing with people and knows well enough not to let himself get upset over a different idea.

I always like the way sharp NCOs handle people with racial predjudices. They take someone like a Black Panther and a Klansman (or whatever) and make them bunkmates. Quick fix.

Of course, both of them are equally offended at first but generally get over it or get thrown out of the service. Either way it's a win.

Nowadays it's a case of "I want my own room". It wasn't always that way. The fact that college kids were assigned their room mates used to teach them how to live and work with other people. This is something every GI lerns before he even gets out of basic training.

Thre are very few 'safe speech zones' in the service. Generally if someone complains about something offensive a good NCO is likely to deal with the whiner rather quickly.

He will tell him or her to cry him a river, call the combat engineers to build a floating bridge across said river, and to get off of their dead ass and onto their dying feet and GET OVER IT.

They know that there's no time for that kind of whining. There are more important issues to deal with.

I don't know why colleges are falling for this stupid crap but I do know that the people on the college staff that even suggested this sort of thing ought to be thrown off campus. They are doing their students a great disservice.

Then again, I suppose the colleges really don't give a damn about giving their students a real education, anyway.

They are more interested in taking their students money even if it leaves them in horrendous debt for decades.

Colleges appear to have stopped worrying about setting people up for the real world for some time now. They seem to want to cater to the feel-good desires of the student body rather then train them for the real world.

I think that what is going to happen in the future is that unless a person graduates with a specific degree, generally speaking, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathamatics) that employers are doing to start looking elsewhere for employees.

Take a motivated young person with four or five years in the military and a good service record.  Put him alongside a recent non-STEM graduate and compare the two.

It's pretty likely that you'll get more out of the person that was a junior NCO then his college idiot counterpart.

If for no other reason then the former GI has been offended at one time or another. Or maybe he hasn't been offended because the service gave him thicker skin

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