Friday, December 4, 2015

While politics were not discussed at the

 Piccolo Thanksgiving dinner table, that can't be said for an awful lot of other  Americans.

They did just what the President asked them to and discussed gun control.

Then they went to bed early to get up early for the Black Friday sales and promptly bought guns. A lot of guns.

People that were all for gun control a few years back seem to be rethinking things. They are starting to realize that the government isn't really able to protect them.

They look at government proposals to take in boatloads of young Syrian men of military age and see a probable increase in crime. This doesn't include the crimes committed by illegal immigrants that are already here.

ATF reports that this Black Friday has produced more federal background checks than any other day in history. 

The figure noted does not include the states that don't require the checks for people already licensed to carry or states that have their own system in place.

Looks like a lot of Americans listened to the President and did what they thought ws right. They went straight out and bought guns. Enough guns to arm the entire Marine Corps with about two to four army divisions left over.

Mr. President, have you ever heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences? Maybe you should have simply told people to have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy their loved ones and left it at that.

Here, Mr. President. Have a napkin so you can wipe the egg off of your face.

Either that or you can spin it and proudly claim the honor of being the best gun salesman the nation has ever produced.


Aside to Senator Pat Toomey (RINO, PA)

You might think for a second that the wallets that just voted on Black Friday are the same wallets that need to open up to keep you in office.

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