Sunday, December 6, 2015

With the Syrian refugee mess

 going on right now it made me think that we ought to take a few year hiatus from allowing immigration, period.

Slow things down to a serious next to nothing. If you don't have a skill of some sort we can use and is in shortage in this country you jut ain't gettin' in...and I'm not talking about skills like sheetrocking, either. We got plenty of those including your's truly.

These immigrants should also be barred from taking any governmental services until such time as they become citizens. It's one thing to allow someone in that can take care of themselves and another thing to let someone in that is going to be yet another drain on our already stretched too far social programs.

In short, new arrivals should not cost the taxpayer any money. We're taxed high enough as it is.

During the haitus we can rethink our immigration policy. It's time.

Right now the Syrian refugees President Obama has threatened to force down our throats are likely not a very good idea. Especially single males of military age.

Germany has started snooping around with facial recognition software and has found a number of young males in standing back in the old country armed and in some cases in combat against western interests.

Look at what has happened in Europe to countries that have have taken in large numbers of Middle Easterners. They have proven to be nothing but trouble because they seem to take all their baggage with them.

Letting large numbers of military aged males into this country without a serious individual background check is outright stupidity. It is just asking for trouble and one has to be pretty stupid not to see that. Mr. President, if the shoe fits...

Of course, enter the liberals that seem to think that everything President Obama wants to do is just fine by them. They never seem to learn until it is them, or one of their family that take the hit. After one of their kids gets a leg torn off by a pressure cooker bomb or some other IED they will look outraged and wonder what happened.

Someone once said a liberal anti Second Amendment person is just a mugging or a rape away from becoming a pistol packer. There is something to be said there.

Monday their kid gets torn up by an IED. Tuesday they scream blue bloody murder about how these people should not have been allowed into the country in the first place. Funny how that works.

Right now we have too damned many illegal immigrants in the country. These people for the most part really do not contribute, but are a drain. It's time to throw them out and send them somewhere else.

Illegal immigration is a crime. That is why it is called illegal immigration. If they immigrated legally they are called legal immigrants. Legally immigrating is not a crime.

Therefore, illegal immmigrants are criminals and we don't need them. Boot them out. They are by definition criminals.

I had someone saying he was going to use the Statue of Liberty as his symbol because he wants us to take in the Syrians just as they are as well as permit the illegals to stay and skip the background checks.

I, of course, am from the school where one simply shoots the hostage as a field expedient so as to leaving the hostage taker with nothing. I told him they ought to scrap the old broad. Copper is up to three bucks a pound now. We have to do something or it's Game Over.

The truth is that we can't keep taking in people that can't support themselves any more. The system is stretched well past the limit and it isn't worth the security risk in many cases.

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