Saturday, December 12, 2015

I see all of these

so-called reality shows where there are guys building and rebuilding cars and selling them for outrageous money.

I really don't understand why someone wants a '63 Chevy Bel Air for tens of thousands. But then again, I suppose if I had one I would sell it to buy something a little more reliable.

I also see cars at auctions selling for enough money for a guy like me to retire on and wonder why. Then again, enter people like Jay Leno who likes machinery and collects cars. I suppose if that's your passion, then follow it.

Still, I ask myself what I would do with some kind of $80,000 hot rod. I couldn't really drive it to work and it would be a nuisance for me to keep in the garage.

I suppose I really don't have a whole lot of room to wonder, though because I do have a Miata I bought for $1200 sitting in the garage. I did put a few small things into it but no real money. I take it out in the summertime sometimes.

I guess stuff like that is about comfort zones. I sure would not want an expensive hot rod in the garage, but I'm comfortable with the Miata.

Then again, I wonder what I would have if I was really rich and I generally think it would be the same Miata except maybe I'd have it fixed up a little nicer.

I'd still drive a Tacoma, though. I like them and really would not care for a behemoth of a vehicle. A fairly small pickup is good enough for me.

Then maybe I really am rich because I seem to have just about everything I want.

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  1. Morning Jerry. I think there are a lot of reasons people like and pay high prices for old cars. A tie to the past (nostalgia), and investment, are a couple. I think the biggest reason is an appreciation for machines. Some things are not made the way they used to be. I'd love to have an old car or truck. I play guitar and have four. I enjoy each one and marvel at their construction. I don't a firearm but If I did it would be to enjoy the intricate way they are put together. I feel the same about my old tools. I like to hold them. It's proof of how great America once was. If I were rich I'd probably be one of those guys with several old cars. Good post.