Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I do believe it is time to temporarily close the borders

and take a break on allowing immigration for a while until we can sort a few things out.

During this period we ought to strictly limit immigration to only people with skills we have a serious shortage of. I'm not talking about things like sheer rockers and landscapers, either.

Once we settle things down and figure things out then we could start taking in limited numbers of people. We would start limiting immigration to those that are both useful to our national needs coupled with the likelihood of the immigrant to succeed and assimilate.

Right now the administration is trying to permit large numbers of Syrians into the country and I don't think that's a very good idea. Their culture and religion does not seem compatable with a western lifestyle and government.

I am leery to base keeping someone out simply based on religion. However, Islam has a pretty poor track record world wide of getting along in a free society. As their numbers grow they start trying to turn things into a theocracy.

It has happened in other places and right now there are parts of the Phillipines that are not that safe for western visitors even though the majority of Filipinos are Roman Catholic. The Muslim parts of the Phillipines are growing and there is trouble there.

France has managed to bring trouble onto themselves by permitting large numbers of North Africans into France.

While I won't say that the average Muslim is trouble, there is a percentage of Muslims that are radical. It doesn't take a NASA mathematician to figure out that as the number of Muslims rise the number of radicalized Muslims does, too.

We have already had four mass shootings in this country that are the results of radicalized Muslims. The most recent was where the killers turned on the very people that threw one of them a baby shower. That's pretty cold.

There are a number of damned good Americans serving in the military of the Muslim faith. A recently retired NCO mentioned that the Muslim in his platoon was a pretty good soldier. He did his job.

Donald Trump has just said that he would like to close the doors to the Syrians that President Obama wants to allow in. He got a surprise supported. Trump probably is basing this on religion.

An Iman thinks that it is a pretty good idea to seal the borders. Actually his caveat is that the borders ought to be closed to them no matter what religion they are. The Iman said this is for security reasons.

Sealing the borders is nothing that we have not done before. Letting every Tom, Dick and Harry in is a fairly recent thing. Truth is there was a strict quota system in place based on the ability of the immigrants to assimilate.

It's just time to start paying attention as to who we let into the country.

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