Saturday, December 19, 2015

I just read where of all the candidates on both slates that Jeb Bush has raised the most money of all of them.

I am not surprised. Not one bit.

I do believe that the RNC wanted to palm Jeb off on us simply because they have him in their pocket. I'd bet that the fix was in until Trump came along and made the pot boil over. The RNC was going to hand us Jeb.

Of course when that whiny little dweeb Jeb just got pounded down again in the recent debates he blubbered that if the Donald made it to the General he was going to support Hillary. I would imagine that if Trump does make it to the General the entire RNC is going to support Hillary.

Looks like the RNC won't be able to get away with handing it to Jeb since the Donald came along and stormed into the lead.

As time goes on I see that there are a lot of Democrats that will support the Donald if he makes it to the General Election.

People forget that there are a lot of blue collar Democrats out there that are a lot more conservative than the Big Time liberals that get all of the press.

Blue collar people tend to be a lot more conservative than people think. For one thing they work for a living and pay taxes. Every single one of them looks at his paycheck stub and isn't really too happy.

A common thread among blue collars people of any party is they vote to keep their jobs, their kid's college fund/401K and their gun rights.

They also worry about national security, terrorism, immigration and none of the candidates except Trump seem the have the moxie to fact these issues head on.

In fact, an awful lot of these conservative Democrats are members of the Democratic party simply because the Dems were slick enough to get into bed with the unions. Of course, the unions direct their memberships toward Democratic candidates. That's a no brain er.

Trump seems the be willing to face the issues of terrorism, security, economics and other working class issues.
Right now it looks to me like the Donald is starting to get support from blue collar Democrats.

You have to remember that the numbers Trump has showing are pretty much Republican numbers. What we are seeing here is a phenomenon. We have a Republican candidate that is already starting to see support from blue collar Democrats.

What these blue collar Democrats also know is that the Donald doesn't owe anyone any political favors. On top of that he has something to go back to if he wins or loses. He really doesn't have a whole lot to lose and therefore will likely give it an honest try to do the right thing.

I do believe that the National Committees of BOTH parties are quaking because they are terrified with the popularity Trump has garnered in such a short time.

I also believe at this time that if Trump does make it into the Oval Office that a lot of people in both parties are going to go to jail. I would be surprised if there are no attempts made on Trump's life by some of these 'party officials'.

The fact that Jeb Bush has stated that he will support Hillary tells me that there is a pretty good chance that the little dweeb has something to hide. He's may very well be terrified he's going to have to take the fall if the apple cart in RNC headquarters tips over.

Trump really isn't anything more or less than a guy that is in the right place at the right time. People have no faith in the Obama government and look at the choice the DNC is offering. It looks like either Hillary or Bernie. 

Hillary isn't all that popular when you think about it and Bernie is an out and out socialist. Neither of these appeals to blue collar types.

I don't know right now if the Donald is going to make it into the Oval Office but one thing is for sure and that the rank and file of the Republican party are in an outright mutiny with the RNC. Personally I think that's a good thing for all of us.

Hopefully if the Donald is successful then the national committees of BOTH parties get cleaned up. That would do ALL of us a lot of good.

Maybe I'm wrong but it would be a thing of beauty to behold.

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