Thursday, December 24, 2015

Home from the sea to 5 ATNOs!

When it rains, it pours.

I got home last night to ten QSL cards, nine of which were from overseas. Of the nine, four were duplicates of some sort. The remaining five were ATNOs, meaning All Time New Ones.

That brought my total of DX entities up to 203 which is great as my goal was to get 200 DX entities confirmed.

I'll still chip away at getting an occasional new one here and there but since I have met and exceeded my goal I won't be chasing all over hell for them like I did for the last twenty-five or so.

With three over my desired total I think I can safely go to the local QSL card checker and if one or two get rejected for whatever reason I'll still have 200 in my file for record.

I guess the clown that said I would never really do well unless I put up a tower was wrong, huh?

In other gnus, I came home to a pile of stuff including a pair of anti- mole windmills. These need to be put together. I snagged them on eBay because Harbor Freight took them off the shelves for some reason or another.

The windmills are a pretty good deal as they put something in them that is off center and creates a vibration that sends moles off to find another place to tear up. They work well and use no energy save the wind which is free.

I'll put them together and set them up this afternoon.

Anyway I have some things to do today so I better get busy.

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