Thursday, January 14, 2016

I heard a GI say

 that if Trump gets elected he will probably reenlist. If Hillary gets elected he will get out. The man has over ten years in service now. He's an enlisted guy and is over the hump as far as retirement goes.

Fair enough. There are no laws against that. When his contract is up he can either leave or renew it.

Officers that have completed their contract with the government can stay on until they either retire or get passed by for promotion twice. Or they can resign at any time. They serve at the pleasure of the POTUS.

Enlisted are on contract for a specified period of time and may reenlist if they are qualified or separate if they choose.

This young man says that if Hillary gets elected he will seperate. It is an interesting comment because in the service it is fairly common knowledge that Hillary doesn't treat service people very well.

For that matter when she was FLOTUS she didn't treat the Secret Service very well, either according to a retired agent. 

It is his choice and I can't say I'd blame him either way.

Looking back on the Clinton years I have heard more than one serving GI comment that he serves the American people. If you understood the context of what he was saying, it was that he didn't really care for his Commander-in-Chief.

I know of a couple guys that opted for retiring ahead of their schedule during the Clinton years.

Anyway, these are interesting times. 

I would imagine that if Trump gets elected he'll make things pretty good for the service people. Especially the ones assigned to the White House.

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