Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I generally have believed in the great melting pot theory

 but these days I have started to rethink things.

These days it seems to me that we're suffering a lot of grief from the immigration policies of the president.

I'm not going to get into the illegal immigrants from south of the border here. I'm looking at the people coming in from the Middle East.

I just read an article about a Chinese woman that just became a citizen. The one interesting thing she did was left China and its ways behind.

A lot of Middle Easterners don't seem to do that. They drag their $hit with them. They arrive here and want the rest of us to permit Sharia courts. How about 'no'? You can't have sharia courts here. Sorry about that.

Some of them also bring in some pretty violent customs with them, too. They permit women to be abused. It's not OK to mutilate your daughter because she smiled at the boy across the street. You can't throw acid on your wife's face for burning dinner.

We have had a number of pretty damned violent outbursts from some of these people in the form of mass shootings.

In short an awful lot of these people do not fit in with western civilization very well.

For generations people have brought themselves here to become Americans. They left their past behind them and changed. Not so these days.

The truth is we ought to make damned good and sure anyone trying to immigrate to this country is going to fit in. We have no time for people that think murdering someone over religious differences is OK.

It's time to seal the borders and throw some people out and send them back to where they came from.

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