Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yes I am a veteran

A while ago one of the neighbors found an old rifle on their property somewhere. Things like this happen. I won't furnish details  save to say that someone put the thing away for some kind of SHTF or something.

It was dipped in cosmoline for long term storage.

Anyway, they called me over and when I got there the first thing to come out of their mouth was, "You're a veteran. What's this?"

Of course, I am a competitive service rifle shooter and knew right off the bat but it goes to show you what is expected of us by some people.

What is a veteran?

Simply a guy that spent a hitch in military service.

Not all of us were Tier One operators.

Some of us cooked, ran payroll accounts, fixed stuff and supplied the field guys.

There are all sorts of different people that are veterans and expecting every one to be a Rambo type is patently unfair to all of us.

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