Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anderson Cooper is interviewing

 President Obama Thursday night and I'll bet that all of the random calls they will be fielding are already recorded.

The subject is gun control. 

Expect to see gun sales skyrocket this weekend. It's what has been happening these days. I just saw where stock in a few major gun companies just went up as soon as this was announced. Par golf.

Every time the President addresses the nation on gun control the public goes on a gun-buying rampage. A couple of months ago he suggested that we all sit down at Thanksgiving dinner and discuss gun control. Apparently a lot of people did.

About ten hours after dinner they went out on Black Friday and bought enough guns to outfit the entire Marine Corps and two or three infantry divisions on top of that.

The NRA has a money bomb out there. During his talk you might consider donating something, even if it's only five bucks.

https://www.nraila.org/donate  Here's a link.

Vote with your wallet Thursday. Actually what would be funny is if the site got flooded. If that happens it means people ARE voting with their wallets and that is a good thing. Keep trying!

Incidentally if you are a firearm owner you might consider joining the NRA. That would be another vote for telling the President to do what he is supposed to do. He's supposed to leave us alone and stay out of our closets and our lives. Truth is I shouldn't even HAVE to make a post like this.

Of course CNN says we are going to be able to call in during the interview but that's most likely a joke. My guess is the so-called random phone calls have already been recorded. The liberal media works that way.

Personally I hope that Donald Trump gets elected president because he has announced that he will invalidate any of President Obama's executive orders that weaken the Second Amendment.

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