Monday, January 18, 2016

What is happening

 with Trump is that as has been said before we're sick and tired of the boys in the smoke filled rooms giving us the shaft.

One of the things that I do not consider a liberal thing is the right to know what's in the food we eat. People have wanted to know about genetically modified foods for years. Many have demanded that GMOs be labeled as such.

Of course, the weed, feed and seed companies have tried to avoid having Congress mandate that foods containing GMOs be labeled as such. They are afraid they will start losing business.

So they lobby and one way or the other schlep money into the pockets of our boys in the back room to keep Congress from mandating that GMOs be properly labeled.

I personally eat what is put in front of me as a rule. If I were to discover that such and such a product that I eat contained GMOs it probably would not make me change. Still, I have a right to know.

Americans are being screwed by both parties and we know it. The RNC is now the party being forced to take their lumps now and that is fine by me. It's just one more reason I support Donald Trump. He's his own man and hasn't been bought by any of the usual gang of thugs.

I think a lot of Americans are on to this and that has a lot to do with the present success we see with Trump.

Virtually all of the other candidates on the slate are in some one's pockets. 

The truth is that if the boys in the back rooms of the DNC and RNC were looking out for the little people then we'd be looking out for them.

Just about every Teamster knew that Jimmy Hoffa was stealing from union funds. Not too many of them minded because Hoffa made sure the working teamster was taken care of. The Teamsters used to say, "He gets his, but we get ours."

What's going on in the back rooms of the DNC and RNC is simply a case of the big boys looking out for themselves. They are not giving a whit about the working stiff that pays taxes to pay them.

Right now they are probably in a panic as the popularity of Donald Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side is growing.

A lot of us on either party are fed up with politics as usual and knowing that the back room gang are sticking it to us one way or the other. We're fed up with establishment politics.

A lot of people refer to the GOP leadership as GOPe. It means GOPestablishment, as in politics as usual.

I have known a lot of criminals in my day, most of whom became unsuccessful criminals because they got greedy. I know of a few that are successful because they are not afraid to take care of the people under them.

It appears to me that the boys in the back room have gotten a little greedy with things and are looking for more ways to steal from the working stiff.

The Jones Act protects merchant mariners in many ways. What is more important is that it insures a steady supply of trained  AMERICAN merchant mariners to  supply the country in time of national emergency.

Repealing the Jones act would mean that the average seaman can be replaced by a foreigner for less money. Although I am a seaman I can readily understand that.

However, as a seaman I also understand that foreign seamen are really not going to be willing to put themselves in harm's way. I certainly wouldn't put myself in harm's way for some other country. I'd go to bat for my country, but not for another one.

Still, the boys in the back room have been trying to get the Jones act repealed for temporary short-term profits to stick in their pockets. They're selling the security of the nation for short term gain.

When force companies to send jobs overseas because of excessive taxation or regulation they are weakening us. They thing it's OK because they profit.

These backroom thieves are supposed to be working for us, not the corporations. They are fighting for the corporations to be able to cover up what's in the very food we eat. What they should be doing is looking out for us and mandating that we have these foods labeled so we can make an informed choice.

Someone commented that the present primary for the Republican party is likely going to be the last one where it is put to the vote of the rank and file members.

Interesting point. Maybe, maybe not. However if it gets to the point where the average registered Republican has no say any more then you can start looking toward a new party sprouting up. 

With the attitude of GOPe I am surprised it hasn't happened earlier.

I looked at a poll of conservatives and 80-plus% of them said that they only voted Republican because they thought the Democrats were worse. They admitted that they didn't like the GOP. Most of them feel that they are not voting for someone, but they are in fact voting against the other party. I've felt this way for decades.

Truth is both parties suck and right now the RNC is feeling the backlash as the average person with somewhat conservative values is speaking out.

In a way this reminds me of President Obama and his constant demands for gun control. Every time he prattles on about taking our Second amendment rights away from us, Americans vote with their wallets and buy more guns. 

Well, RNC, the more you fight and plot against Donald Trump the more popular he gets. 

RNC, the ball is in your court. Start doing your job or lose it. You very well may hear Donald Trump's famous two words. "You're fired!".

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