Sunday, January 24, 2016

The crybaby wing

 of the black community shot themselves in the foot again.

They are griping because no blacks are getting an academy award this year. Yeah, and your point is?

One place that has shattered racial stereotypes and accepted minorities well ahead of its time are sports, arts and entertainment. As a general rule in the  sports and entertainment business,an artist/athlete is an artist/athlete and is judged on the basis of their performance.

There are going to be years that minorities snag more than their fair share of awards and years they will win fewer, based on their particular percentage of the population.

I read somewhere that the Oscar people are going to try and fix this in the future and the truth is they are doing the black community no favor whatsoever. They will cheapen the status of the winning artists.

If there is an injustice a change in policy is truly in order. Fair is fair. If someone merits an award of some sort, by all means award it. That is only fair.

However, changing the requirements to make one group of another happy is a crock. It creates a false set of values.

We see that in colleges where admissions requirements are sometimes racially motivated. It's common knowledge that an Asian has to get a higher score for admission than a white. A white has to get a higher score than a black.

Some schools do this to create a sense of fairness that is totally and patently unfair. The requirements should be the same for everyone regardless of minority status.

I read where the Oscar people have issued a statement where they will likely do something to fix something that doesn't look like it is broken.

The results will be that when a black does win an Oscar then people will simply look at it as a cheap award. The attitude will be that it was given to them to appease the black community. This will be a slap in the face to those that truly earned the award.

If the award was truly merited then the actor than busted his ass to truly earn it will find that his personal award has been cheapened by this policy.

When you look at things through a different light, an award given by an organization that is unfair racially is a lot more prestigious. It means the award overcame prejudice and did such a good job that it simply couldn't be ignored. That truly says something.

Black community leaders are doing blacks no service when they protest something like the Academy Awards because of the lack of minority awardees. I believe the organization is fair to begin with and if they have to change standards then everyone will lose. 

Well, not everyone. Racists will win because when they say that blacks are judged by a lower standard. Their argument will hold water.

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