Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One of the very few things that government seems to have left alone are waffle irons.

I suppose that's because they haven't come to their attention yet. There seem to be very few accidents with them. The only injury they seem to have caused anyone was the time Helen Keller burned her fingers once while trying to read a hot one.

They really are pretty simple and work quite well. You plug it in, heat it up, make your waffles and unplug it. There are no temperature controls or even on/off switches. Most of them do a pretty good job for as simple as they are.

Mine makes pretty good waffles. Most of them do.

I suppose that if a government secret agent or someone is reading this we're all going th be in trouble, though.

He'll likely report it to the Safety Police and it won't be long before they mandate that all waffle irons have temperature controls, off/on switches, a built in fire extinguisher and a safety rope in case everything else fails.

When that happens waffle irons will fall into the category of things like toilets and light bulbs. People will start smuggling them into the country and pre-ban waffle iron prices will go through the roof.

They won't make waffles for sour apples when government gets finished with 'improving' them. Don't believe me? Look at what the government did to gas cans.

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