Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home again after a long, cold tour.

I guess I am still pretty hardy and able to take the weather. However, I don't think I bounce back as well as I used to.

I am going to need a couple of days in a very warm house to recover and start feeling normal again. I have the temperature set at 72 now and normally it is set at 68. I guess that and a couple of long, hot showers and I'll be good to go.

The rig is on. It is a good source of background noise. 

What is interesting is that I generally turn the rig off when most people visit as they likely find the noise annoying. However, there is one guy that I turn the rig on when he shows up. He's former military and it reminds him of earlier days in his life. He liked the army but got out to raise his family.

Today I will get a haircut, trim my winter beard and clean the place up a bit. The kitchen floor is a bit scungy and needs a mopping. After that it's 

Someone at work asked me what my arriving home ritual is. 

When I arrive home the first thing I do is drag my stuff into the garage and park it. Then I go upstairs and instantly scoop up Kitty and play with him for about 20 minutes or so.

Next it is over to the mail. QSL cards get opened first. This time there was only one but it was an ATNO, Market Reef. An ATNO is an All Time New One.

Then I start going through my packages. I do much of my shopping on line as it is generally cheaper in the long run. This time I bought a lifetime supply of inexpensive NATO watch bands as I ran out of them a while back. I use them to replace the original band when it wears out.

There were also a couple of books. I have a place that will combine shipping. The books actually sell for a penny apiece and when you consider that I just got two books delivered to my door for a total of $4.01 that a pretty good deal. It's probably cheaper than going to the library.

Then my NRA package arrived. I have been an NRA member for years. However I just upgraded my membership and that package arrived. I won't put the decals on my truck, though.

There are a number of Social Justice Warriors out there that are apt to vandalize a truck with one on it. 

While I have nothing whatsoever with giving one of these little dweebs a nasty sucking chest wound for their efforts, the paperwork is just too overwhelming so I'll just evade the entire issue.

Oh, yeah. Another fedora arrived and it needs 'the treatment'. The brim needs a little reshaping. After it gets steamed into shape it gets a thick slathering of unscented hair spray on the brim. When it dries I can wear the lid under Niagara Falls and it will stay in shape.

We'll see how the day progresses.

Anyway, I am home. I am still alive and things are pretty good.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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