Monday, January 25, 2016

I just read where the city government

 of Washington DC is all bent out of shape because Walmart won't open a couple of stores in poorer neighborhoods.

Why should they? They won't make any money.

There are reasons for this, most likely. First is that the poorer neighbor neighborhoods don't have a whole lot of money. There is also a higher crime rate there.

The other reason that comes to mind is that the DC government is planning on taxing them in the future. That cuts into profits. The more government steps in and trys to regulate businesses the more difficult it is to run one at a profit. 

As far as poorer neighborhoods go, there are generally not many businesses willing to open shop there. It's both unprofitable and dangerous. Why open shop where you are likely to be robbed? 

I have written a post on what are referred to as 'food deserts', places where there are no places to buy food. The residents there have to travel out of their area to buy food.

The truth is that the neighborhood (collectively) has to bear the responsibility for this. They have created an unfriendly business atmosphere.

Of course in DC the city government people are outraged because big, mean, old Wally World won't open shop there. The big liberal war cry "That's not fair!" is being heard.

What's so unfair about not opening a business that isn't going to be profitable? If this is such a golden opportunity then how come the very people that are complaining about it wouldn't invest their personal funds? 

Probably because it's a whole lot easier and safer for them to tell someone else how to spend (and lose) their money.

Walmarts and a lot of other stores suffer pretty hefty losses from theft in even the best of neighborhoods. This puts the hurt on profits. God only knows how much stuff walks out of stores in bad neighborhoods.

When you have government try and regulate wages and tax the business then that takes a bite out of profits.

Of course, the store can simply raise prices to offset things. However the 'That's not fair!' crowd will instantly start moaning and bellyaching that the people in the suburbs pay less for the same item.

Truth is, maybe it's because the people in the suburbs are a little more civilized and respect businesses and themselves a little more than the inner city inhabitants.

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