Saturday, January 9, 2016

Life has gotten pretty busy these days

Which is just the way it is. It has its ups and downs. It happens to everyone. For some of us when it rains it pours.

Right now I have a break in the action and am sitting down at the laptop.

More and more I see a groundswell growing in the size of the Trump for president movement. I also see panic in the bosses of both parties and that is a good thing. They both suck and none of them represent the rank and file.

I read where the SEIU rank and file are talking about Trump and that's pretty odd, really. I guess the union bosses are pretty upset about it and are calling the members in for one on one meetings.

I heard one wag say, "Trump. Not the president we want, but the asshole we need!" Interesting comment and I have to admit he's dead on. What is interesting i the comment that if the RNC sticks it to the Donald he could very well win on a third-party ticket. 

Of course the RNC is flipping out because if the Donald gets the preidency they stand to lose a lot. I have been saying that the party bosses of both parties have been stealing from all of us for decades one way or the other.

The other thing I see in Trumpeteers is an attitude that they are disgusted with both sides and are desperate enough to try anything.

We've seen a lot of people upset with Preident Obama lately over thos recent executive order redefining things in the gun control area. It's interesting that many people that want extensive background checks are upset over Obama overstepping his bounds with his executive order.

Interesting times we live in.

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