Sunday, October 9, 2016

I answered this ad

Fully processed 223/556 brass for sale. 1000 pieces plus small percentage extras. Mostly military headstamps. Brass has been cleaned in corn media, lubed and sized in a small base die, primer pockets swaged, trimmed to standard length of 1.750+/-, case mouths are deburred and chamfered. Cleaned again in corn media with NuFinish and mineral spirits. Neck tension is .003" and primer pockets verified with go/no gauge. Will ship in flat rate box. $105 total. Pictures are available at

I picked up some of these and they are exactly as advertised.

If you do order any via PayPal be kind as he has to pay the service fee. Add on another $5.00. He doesn't ask for it, but it is the right thing to do.

If I needed any more brass this is where I would go.



I am working this brass now and it is very good stuff. My batch is pretty much all Lake City USGI and originally the primers were crimped in. He has done a real First Class job of removing the crimping and the primers seat just like it is virgin commercial brass.

This stuff is a pretty damned good deal if you ask me.

While I am shilling for someone, don't forget The Old Grouch as a pretty good source of surplus items.

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