Friday, October 14, 2016

Double post today.

Trump's speech in Florida. You really ought to take the time to listen to it. It's a damned good powerful speech.

Please lift the URRL or whatever the hell it is called and pass it around. Every American ought to hear it.

You WON'T get this in the MSM as they are shilling for Hillary.

IF (and it's an if) Trump is victorious you can plan on watching a lot of people in high places trade their tailored suits for prison stripes. It should prove to be better entertainment than American Idol.


Vladmir Putin has called all dependents of Russian diplomats and people working outside of Russia back to the motherland. I wonder what that's all about. It sounds like trouble is brewing.

I do know that Trump doesn't want war with Russia. I know that Hillary doesn't give a damn how many of us get killed so long as she can steal from us. Incidentally that opens a whole new place for her to steal. Read: Defense contractors.


I am getting sick and tired of the Democrats and other liberals insulting me because of my beliefs. I am tired of being marginalized because I am a white, a Christian, a firearm owner, a person that doesn't like big government.

This whole thing has taken a turn for the nasty some time ago. 

Trumpers have reported having their cars keyed over their bumper sticker as have NRA members. It is nothing more than taking one's rights through intimidation.

I met a Philly NRA member that had his car keyed in Philly and actually caught the guy and held him for the police. He actually should have broken the kid's legs and called it good by the time it was over and done with.

He did manage to get the kid convicted but was unable to get restitution because of a crooked judge. He reported that the cops themselves were halfway decent about it but the system was rotten.

Why was I not surprised? Any large city in this country that has had Democratic leadership for any length of time becomes a corrupt hellhole. Look at Philly, look at Flint, Detroit, and a host of other cities.

The blacks and minorities in those cities are screwed starting at birth. The education they receive is a joke. They are handicapped from the git-go. Truth is they are still in slavery but of a different kind. Their hands are shackled in the golden handcuffs of welfare.

The Republicans are not so hot, either. 

I saw that John McCain just endorsed Hillary and it came to me immediately that I want to know what he has to hide. The fact that he did that tells me that he's not on the up and up. He wants the status quo to remain in place. I wonder what he's tapping us for. There's something dishonest there, another rock to turn over.

While Trump is running on the Republican ticket, he really isn't a Republican. He's a total political outsider. Truth is, that's a good thing because he owes no political favors.

However, people can't get that in their heads, especially Democrats.

FWIW I am now registered as an Independent. People keep calling me a Republican and I am not. I am a Constitutionalist. Politically, I am closer to Ted Cruz than any of the others that ran on the Republican primary.

I suppose this will get me on some kind of list for saying this but what's new? If I am not on a list then someone is not doing their job.

The truth is that sometime between now and 20 January I will be astonished to see that Trump doesn't get whacked. If he doesn't get elected he'll likely have two choices, leave the country or be found with three bullets in his head and ruled suicide. The powers that be really are that scared of him.

If he does manage to get the necessary votes there is going to be an awful lot of shenanigans. I seriously think it will take a miracle for him to get to take the oath. Obama has said he refuses to permit Trump to take the presidency. This possibly means we're going to have to force his ass out somehow. That means big trouble, as in civil war of some sort. It won't be pretty.

The harder the establishment pushes the harder WE should push. I have said this before and I will say it again. Look at the man's enemies. He has big money hating him, he has the Democrats scared of him, he has the entire media against him and he has the GOP establishment against him. Truth is that speaks highly of him.

The next three weeks are going to be pretty damned dirty.

The media has pretty much either blacked him out or is out and out slandering him. The only thing he has working for him is a bunch of us little people and the internet. The little guys are keeping him afloat with a string of small donations, Facebook posts and emails containing videos etc.

Still, he is in there. It speaks volumes that the little guy is pissed off. The little guy doesn't have the resources the big money does but he has little tools to work with. Many of them are working their asses off behind the scenes and on their keyboards passing the word.

The issue now is in serious doubt and the outcome is unknown. There is a pretty good chance he will prevail but it is going to be a real bitch. He faces massive voter fraud, crooked vote counting and God only knows what else. Even if he does win the electoral votes there is a chance the Electoral college will cheat him. 

Someone looked it up and said that in some states there is a small fine for not following the proper procedure. This means cheating at the EC level. A dishonest elector can face, say, a $1000 fine and a million dollar kickback. Even after November 8 the path to the White House is still fraught with peril.

This is likely the only chance we have to stop the flow of tyranny without the force of arms.

Speaking of arms, I was looking ahead at things after Sandy Hook and decided to sell off my scary stuff. I sold all of the scary stuff to a few people that live out in the country. I realize I was getting too old to be able to fight anymore.

Unlike some people that took advantage of the panic of Sandy Hook I sold them at a fair price to younger men in their 30s with families. These are die hards that I know will not turn them in when Hillary rams gun control through. I made it a careful point not to know their names and addresses but did perform a criminal check on them. There is a pretty slick way of doing this and I won't post it here. Some of you can figure out how I did this. It's really quite easy. Incidentally I broke no laws doing this.

A number of people in PA use this trick.

Anyway, I'll leave you saying that I seriously believe that the survival of western  civilization rests on this election. 

Hillary believes in open borders and is planning on letting an awful lot of Syrians into the country. In addition to straining our social services, these people will draw more Islamic terrorism like the moon draws water. 

She also wants to destroy the firearm industry by holding them responsible for the acts of criminals. All this sounds fine until you realize the firearm industry is 2 to 3 times bigger than GM. That's only firearms which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Hunters and shooters spend a lot more than that. Besides ammunition the things hunters buy range from T-shirts to 4x4 pickup trucks to hunting lodges.

If she does this there are going to be an awful lot of lost jobs. 

I've got to go back to work.

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