Saturday, October 29, 2016

Part of the reason I have never been impaneled is because I am an informed juror.

There was and maybe still is a group out there called "The Fully Informed Jury Association." I got some materiel from them some time ago and looked at my duties as a juror.

When I said that I felt I would be a good juror because I had read up on it and had researched my duties through the FIJA people I was excused instantly.

The truth is, the courts hate informed jurors. They want people that will sit there and do just what they're told. 

When one is a juror they have more of a responsibility that to just look at something as a cut and dried someone broke the law situation. It's not that simple.

One has to look at the case and everything about it as a reasonable man. 

One of my general rules of thumb is I will not convict a person that did something I would do if I were in the same circumstances.

I'm not going to do a dissertation on jury duty. Here's a hot link. Learn your rights and responsibilities compliments of the FIJA.

Know your rights and responsibilities.

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  1. Good link, Piccolo. Thank you.