Monday, October 17, 2016

These people listed in the hot kink below will never receive my respect, my loyalty or my obedience.

What do you people have to hide? What have you stolen from us? What does Hillary have on you?

Were you caught fucking a goat? Were you caught fondling a child? Maybe you were screwing someone's wife.

Probably not, but entirely possible. Maybe true in some cases. Who knows? Still, it sounds an awful lot like Hillary has something on you. My guess is that it it is money.  

Somewhere along the line someone may very well have stuck a few bucks in your pocket. There is a damned good reason why you have stuck it to us. Someone is either blackmailing you or bribing you. Which one is it? We want to know. We have every right to know.

We already know that insider trading laws don't apply to Congress. I have to assume you are stealing from us. How do your scams work?

Perhaps you have bought up stocks in some insignificant company and then awarded them a lucrative contract driving their stock up. Then you sell, leaving the government warehouses full of junk to be surplussed off down the road.

Perhaps you have gotten kickbacks from companies for awarding them a contract. 

You must have done something.

On the other hand, maybe you're upset that the rank and file are not following your little guidance obeying you and supporting your little agenda. You're having a temper tantrum because we decided not to give little Jeb his turn. You want to teach us a lesson.

Next time we'll be good little voters and do what you tell us to. How about 'No'? 

For the past forty years we have supported every lackluster candidate you have shoved down our throats. We have voted for McCain, Dole, Romney and both Bushes. This year we decided it was our turn because you wanted to ram Jeb down our throats. We said no.

We, the rank and file conservatives have played your game for decades and when we wanted our turn not only did you turn your backs on us, you stuck it to us.

We will not forget this in the future and will do everything in our power to destroy your careers. If we can we will find a way to hold you to task for your betrayal.

You have proven to be traitors and deserve to be treated as such.

Incidentally the list on the link in not all inclusive. Off the top of my head I have to add the entire Bush family and Bill Kristol among quite a few more.


Update. I have heard from maybe a 6-7 out of 10 that the GOP elites had a backroom deal with the DNC to run none other than "Daddy it's my turn" Jeb Bush against Hillary.

When Trump came charging in they had to keep the deal with the DNC hence the #NeverTrump business.

I can here Jeb talking to his old man. "Daddy, that mean ol Donald Twump came in ant took my place. Do something, Daddy! Do something."

We may not win but we have a chance. I can picture Jeb debating Hillary with the fix in as it is. "Daddy, tell me what to say to the mean old lady!"

This is the circus clown the RNC wanted to palm off on us.

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