Saturday, October 22, 2016

I am beginning to see that we are being set up for a war with Russia.

I very well be misinformed here but I do not believe it will happen if Trump is elected. 

If Hillary is elected there is no way I am getting behind her in a war with Russia. I have nothing whatsoever against the Russians and have no desire to fight them.

I will likely retire and turn in my Merchant Mariner's credentials and sit this one out. Let Hillary's supporters fight this one.

Put every special little snowflake and pajama boy through boot camp and dig the college kids out of the campus safe spaces and give them a pair of boots and a musket. They voted her in, they can support her war.

The average redneck or working class guy has fought every single war that has come down the pike and has been pushed our way by politicians. You DO note that THEIR sons and daughters don't join the service. They just send other people's kids off to war.

For a long time these wars have been fought by basic, hardworking conservatives and gotten laughed at by the left for it. Now it should be their turn to send their kids into the meat grinder.

I have served my country and supported the troops for decades. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of watching good working class people come home chewed up. Truth is the left should start sending THEIR kids off to war. Send pajama boy, Snowflake, the welfare rats and and their ilk off to fight.

It should be noted that these special snowflakes and pajama boys were the same people that spit on me when I came home in uniform during the tail end of Vietnam. Now its their turn to put on a uniform. I won't spit on them, though. I'll just ignore them.

If they don't like it, then why don't they clean up their party?

The Republican types have made a damned big step in the right direction when they told their elites to shove it and elected Donald Trump to run. They showed that they were fed up with business as usual and didn't accept any of the usual party hacks and elites that the RNC tried to palm off on us.

Trump ain't much but he's got guts and enough sense to keep us out of a war with Russia. What's also important is he isn't a GOP insider. He also has enough respect for the public to keep us in peace and if he isn't blocked we might even get a little prosperity out of the deal.


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