Saturday, October 8, 2016

The TV I fished out of someone's trash over fifteen years ago finally died.

Replacing it is going to be a loathesome task.

Back in the day the process was simple. You buy one, bring it home, plug it in and attach the twin lead antenna wire and turn it on and watch it. Simple.

Now I take it home and have to hook it to the cable box and figure out how to get the box to recognize the new television and play that silly little game. Then again, maybe not. At any rate, it will be interesting. I do know I am going to have to put some mysterious secret code into the cable remote to get it to recognize the new set.

The old set is about 20 odd years old and was satisfactory. I wish it still worked because now I am entering the disposable TV set game. The newer ones only last a few years and then you junk them. I think a new one will run me about $175 for a decent 32 inch set.

A 32 inch set is big enough for me. I don't want one of those humongous sets that cover the entire wall and make the room look like a movie theater. When I visit homes set up that way I always want to buy the person a popcorn machine.


On a whim I checked Craigslist and managed to score a freebie. It is a 2005 model and works great. The woman just wanted it gone.

It's not a long term solution but the price was right and it'll hold me for a while until I decide on something permanent.

Actually it works so good it I very well put the get a new TV project on indefinite hold.

As I write this I do not believe I have ever bought a new television for myself since maybe 1987.

I have just had an after thought. 

I can easily live, and damned well, off the leavings of an affluent society. I looked at my TV set, 11 years old and the $20 pair of sneakers I got at Wally World.

I'll bet you that in most tenaments of the 'hood there's a huge flatscreen and the kids are wearing the $250 'cool' sneakers yet they live in squalor.

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