Friday, October 28, 2016

Trying to get my mind off the election. Maybe we will get hit by a meteor and be saved that way.

We are getting on to Thanksgiving and I will spend it with my neice and nephew. That is alway a good place for me to be even though it is behind enemy lines.

I usually bring my portable rig and go on the air. It's fun and the kids like it sometimes.

I think I am going to bring along my Blues Brothers with a touch of Cab Calloway zoot suit for the kids. They like off the wall stuff like that. Kids have a good sense of the theatrical.

There is also one thing I want to do and that is thank someone that doesn't know what she did back in late '76. 

Back around Christmas '76 I was visiting the family manse and ran into a number of classmates. I was living in COlorado in a tipi at the time. The rest of my classmates were starting marriages and careers and the usual 6 years out of high school stuff. All of them warned me I had best get my act together and yada yada yada. 

I ran into one woman I had gone to school with and she seemed to be a little shocked at first and commented I had changed. Actually I hadn't, really. I was chasing my childhood dreams.

We swapped stories and she smiled and wished me luck. 

It stuck with me and I remembered her and her kindness occasionally for years and years. I think I am going to look her up and thank her. 

I hope another friend of mine has gotten back on line. He's an Old School lobsterman and goes out daily. I'd like to get in touch with him more often.

It's kind of a dead night and I'll post this one before I turn in.

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