Thursday, October 13, 2016

This is the only chance we have, people.

Like him or not, we have only one shot at this. We could truly change things and clean things up here.

Trump has said he'll appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton if he wins.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Hillary ain't no Old School mob type that will take the hit and quietly go to jail. She's going to take an awful lot of people along with her. It is going to be a real mess.

You don't have to be a gang banger with a mile long rap sheet to know how the game is played. The one that talks first generally gets the best deal. It will be a mess of epic proportions as the thing unfolds.

Remember, the directorship of the FBI is political. He is a political appointee. The agents are not. Most of them are dedicated attack dogs that will go after the dirt like a maid on Monday. A lot of people will be hurt. It will not be pretty.

I would imagine that Congress is going to change considerably as things get dug out of the woodwork. In a lot of cases it will make the Duke Cunningham take down look like a shoplifting bust.

This would go a long way towards cleaning up the corruption in Washington and with any luck thing may even trickle down to a state or local level.

People gripe about the income inequity and the way big money runs things. What they seem to forget is the tax laws that exempt the rich are made in Congress. A lot of these people have their fingers in the pie.

While it is not going to entirely clean things up it will likely make a dent and the survivors will run for cover.

It is possible that the magnitude of this would make the news ratings up there alongside American Idol as people tune in to see which one of our so-called leaders are being carted off to jail.

This is the only chance we have and will have to even start to clean things up. If nothing before it is a step in the right direction,

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