Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lowered expectations...

One of the things I remember as a younger man was that there were beaucoup single women to be sampled at the subsidized housing complex.

At first it didn't eally seem like a bad deal. If you visited one of these lovelies around the time food stamps arrived you would generally get a meal thrown in to boot.

Of course most of these women were lousy cooks and thought that Spaghetti-Os heated up in a saucepan was a gourmet meal. The others that could cook would generally dish up some kind of hippie dippie organic vegan inedible slop.

It really didn't last too long as almost right off the bat one of them told me that if I knocked her up she wouldn't report me. I instantly became a freight train that opted to take a dirt road but I digress.

These were pretty much single mothers that were raising their kid(s) on government assistance.

I only met one or two that actually had a realistic plan. They were in school and hell bent on getting out of the welfare life. I respected those and you can bet your ass they were not looking for another mouth to feed.

One thing that seemed almost universal there was that they would start off waiting for Richard Gere's 'Pretty Women' character to show up and carry them off for a life of luxury.

It didn't generally take all that long for a dose of reality to set in and the expectations lowered until desperation set in. Richerd Gere's character has passed them by. Sucked to be them.

After a while a guy with some sort of legitimate income that changed his shirt weekly started looking pretty good. The next step was a guy with ANY sort of income, even selling drugs. The whole thing sort of worked itself down to a certain low level where it pretty much stayed.

I always wondered why this was as most of these women probably had at least close to reasonable intelligence. They were at least trainable.

There were (and likely still are) programs out there to give a woman a skill to become self-supporting annd few of these woman took advantage of these programs.

Incidentally for a while I dated a woman that did have a plan and was working at it. She was enrolled in a degree program at the local college and was chipping away at a degree. I respected that.

I was semi-empoyed at the time and I wonder why she dated me because I really had nothing to offer but company. Still, we dated for almost six months. To tell the truth I had no intention of getting married to her. I considered it a just passing through fling until the weather broke.

I actually told her this and she didn't seem to be too upset. I guess maybe she thought along the same lines. Maybe not. Whatever.

Still, most of these women really didn't seem to have the basic ambition required to get off of their asses and do something. They were content living off of a goverment check in government housing waiting for some man to take them away from all of it.

I suppose the truth is that people often take the path of least resistance and that seemed to be it. They were fed and housed and that seemed to be enough for them.

Still, I can't help but wonder how many of them would have simplly found success on their own if Uncle Sugar hadn't stepped in and made life too easy for them.

What is interesting to note is that successful men look for successful women. Many of these women wold have probably found fairly successful mates if they had decided to make something of themselves.


Stop it. You know who you are and you are starting to piss me off. 

I have told you before I am married and want to stay that way.

I am not interested in someone you work with and besides she weighs 350 pounds and is half my age. I am not interested.


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