Sunday, October 30, 2016

One of the things I have learned since I started following Donald

Trump is just how dirty things are in Washington and just how stupid the American people really are.

We are not a free republic, we are owned by the banks, big money and thugs.

We just got nailed all over the country with health insurance increases which we must have by law.

Obama basically turned our health insurance over to the pharmaceutical companies with no real control over them. 

There is no real reason I can see for paying three times what Canadians or twenty times what Africans pay for the same drug.

In short, Obamacare allowed the foxes to guard the henhouse. I wonder what his piece of the action is? I wonder what congress critters got for their votes?

For what it's worth, many states have insurance company regulators that oversee insurance companies to keep them from gouging the public. They know that if the insurance company doesn't make at least some money they will fold and everyone loses. We're not really getting raped by the insurance companies.

Before the increase I saw a number of people that were paying more for their health care than they are for their mortgage! That is just not right.

Yet I'll bet that the congresscritters that voted for Obamacare don't give a damn. They get caviar and champagne medical care from their own plan that we, the taxpayers pay for.

Martha Stewart went to the can for insider trading. Someone tipped her off that her stocks were about to crater so she sold. Any of us would have done the same thing.

Yet you can bet your ass the Congresscritters got the word and managed to dump their stocks and leave some poor bastard stuck with them.

Congresscritters are immune from insider trading laws. They are also immune from a lot of other things, too. Who pays for this?

We do. 

The whole thing is a solid wall of corruption from the top on down and the working stiff pays for it. Trump is more than aware of this and the entire rotten, corrupt system. No wonder the whole system is fighting like unshirted hell to keep him out of the Oval Office.

It's not just Hillary that will go to jail. She'll squeal like a stuck pig and a lot more will go with her. She'll probably (and rightfully so) go to jail and take a lot of other people with her, possibly including President Obama. The corruption goes from the top on down. It involves an awful lot of people.

I would imagine that if Trump does win, Obama will panic. His hands are probably dirty, too.

I fail to figure out why the black community keeps voting for these people other than they are being bought off cheaply. A welfare check and an Obamaphone and they seem to be good to go.

That's pretty cheap. The Great Society plans were supposed to lift the black man out of the ghetto yet fifty years later they are no better off than they were beforehand.

What has the government done for them but buy them off with a few beads and trinkets. If they really gave a damn they would have permitted us to build an economy that enabled blacks to get jobs and climb out of the ghetto.

Truthfully, they are worse off. Their very family core has been destroyed by these social programs.

Incidentally a growing number of blacks (admittedly successful blacks...the ones that have the most to lose) are beginning to figure things out. Trump has managed to gain a part of the voting black community.

Some of the woman voters are a joke, too. Big deal. Trump said something rotten in a locker room environment. Some woman got indignant. On the other hand the women that griped the loudest have probably said worse at the pool on a Thursday afternoon after having a four wine cooler lunch.

The other women that are trying to empower a vagina say it's important to have a woman president. I suppose that if their son brought a whore home for Sunday dinner and announced they were getting married they'd say they were proud of him for marrying a woman. Truth is, Hillary is no woman to look up to.

Truth is the Republican party is no better than the Democrats. They are two sides of the same coin. The party bosses are the ones that are calling the shots and stealing from the little guy.

It's a flawed system and we need term limits. The party bosses see to it that if a congresscritter plays along and does what he is told he gets to keep his job.

Truth is probably when Congress votes themselves a raise it's a joke. That's pin money for a lot of them. They steal several times their pay. They just want that for show purposes to provide a front the same way a mob guy opens a pizza parlor somewhere to launder his ill gotten gains.

It goes up higher, too. With the entire media in the hands of just a few big money types the Fourth Estate has turned into the fifth column. It's plainly and simply too much power when big money controls the media.

It is really a disgrace when Americans have to go overseas to find anything remotely resembling fair and unbiased reporting. I do believe Al Jazeera  is a lot more fair and unbiased than CNN is. It sure seems like it. Fox is no prize, either.

A lot of us no longer trust the media for anything but rescued kitty stories. Even those may be faked.

I don't know if Donald Trump is going to win the election. I hope so but I fear that even if he does he's going to get whacked before 20 January.

Trump is right. The whole system is rigged from top to bottom. If by some miracle he does win in spite of the big fix then he will likely make inroads on cleaning things up. In truth it all he has to do is expose things and explain it to the public. Outcry will get the ball rolling. He can likely get the public on his side by having some of these people thrown in jail. The rest will likely scurry for cover.

I do believe that if he does win there will be no concession speech from Hillary. She and Bill will probably have a jet warmed up on the runway to take them out of the country. It's possible Obama will join them in fleeing. Who knows?

Of course, this is likely a moot point. the fix is in and it is going to take a lot more than a close majority of the votes to overcome it. It will take a deluge.

I do not understand why people would support a criminal like Hillary.

This is a rare election in the sense that people feel that it is a battle between two losers. Maybe it is in that Trump isn't what the American public is used to. On the other hand I think it is a VERY good thing. He is not an insider and it is the only opportunity we will ever have to tell ALL of the corrupt powers that be to f*** off.

The truth is that the rank and file Republicans got tired of the lackluster little candidates that they brought out for us to choose from. They decided enough was enough and when Trump threw his hat into the ring they rebelled and supported him.

GOPe ran scared and that was the proof of the pudding that he was the man for the job. If the establishment and party bosses hated him it spoke highly of him. it was a step towards cleaning up one side of the coin. The Democrats are the other side of.

Instead, the Democrats decided to run the most corrupt person they had. She represents the dirty Washington establishment. It is obvious that she's dirty. Quite a number of GOPe types have as good as admitted that they are likely dirty too. After all, they must have something to hide if they endorsed someone that belongs in jail.

Win, lose or draw, the American public owes Donald Trump a debt of gratitude for showing the American public what kind of a dishonest shadow government they have.

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