Friday, October 7, 2016

Sometimes God calms the storm

Sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms his child.

I have been very grateful because God has always let the storm rage and has calmed me. It has made me a better person.


Hanoi Hannah died.

Not to be mistaken for Hanoi Jane Fonda.

She was a radio personality of Radio Hanoi during the Vietnam war.

She was similar to Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally that were well known radio personalities during WW2.

The guys generally laughed at her broadcasts, of course but many tuned into her every chance they had for general amusement.

When she first went on the air I was in high school and was a shortwave listener and every so often when the skip was right I would listen to her.

I bear Hanoi Hannah no ill will because she was a North Vietnamese working for her country. It is Hanoi Jane Fonda I dislike because she is an American and a traitor. 

I certainly not miss Hanoi Hannah but you can bet your ass I will not miss Hanoi Jane when it is her turn.

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