Monday, October 3, 2016

Seeing I figure I'm not a whole lot different than anyone else

I have a 'That's what I'd do' as a standard I go by.
it's likely most people would do the same damned thing.

A lot of people gripe about Donald Trump not paying taxes. Others say the rich should pay through the nose.

Donald Trump is doing the very same thing that the rest of us would do under the circumstances. He is taking advantage of our tax laws. There are not a whole lot of us that would not do the same damned thing.

I obey the tax laws that have been enacted by Congress and signed off by the President. If anyone is responsible for Trump not paying taxes it is Congress.

Like it, love it, lump it or leave it, the tax structure is a product of Congress. 

I know for sure that if I could get enough write-offs, deductions, etc that would keep me from coughing up every April 15th I sure as hell would. Anyone with a right mind would. You would be crazy not to.

Part of the reason the rich get rich is because they don't give their money away. Paying any more than required is just that. It is giving money away.

Now I would certainly imagine that the tax codes written by Congress are probably a product of the rich making their little backroom deals with Congressmen.

Still, the laws are there and Donald Trump has done nothing unlawful that I am aware of. He simply did what any of us would have done if the opportunity arose.

Anybody that works for a living gripes about taxes. Everyone hates paying them. This goes back the the Whisky Rebellion of 1791.

Any of us would love to not cough up every 15 April and Trump was in a position to not have to so he didn't.

Trump is guilty of nothing. If anyone is to blame it is Congress.


Incidentally I have read some of the comments made by people after his recent rally in PA. A number of our Amish residents showed up.

The comments made about the Amish made me see just how ignorant people with formal educations can be. They were pretty damned quick to point out that the average Dutchman has about an 8th grade formal education.

True enough. I suppose if you have a degree of sorts you feel smugly superior.

On the other hand there are an awful lot of educated people out there that need people like the Amish to do a lot of things that they are simply incapable of doing.

They seem to take a lot for granted.

I would love to see someone hand a smug character a bucket and stool and tell them to milk a cow. It's a fairly simple process but a lot of educated people can't even do that. They'd probably get kicked in the head by the cow while trying to get a drink of milk.

There are an awful lot of highly skilled Amish tradesmen out there that can build a house or whip up a piece of fine furniture in a heartbeat. Most of these highfalutin' over educated idiots would play hell driving a straight nail or fixing a roof. 

A lot of them would find a leak in their roof and go outside and stare at it agape out in the rain because not only can they not make the repair, they don't even have enough sense to come out of the rain.

It's pretty easy to hide behind a college sheepskin and poke fun at those that have little formal education. It's also pretty sorry looking down on someone that can easily do something you couldn't do in a million years. It's pretty uppity and two-faced if you ask me.

What is interesting as a sailor to watch are the academy grads out here. Most of them are smart enough to realize that they should pay attention to the guys that have been out here for a while, educated or not, at least until they get settled in.

I'm a sailor. This is one of those businesses where I have seen a King's Point graduate replaced by someone that didn't even finish grammar school. It's all about results here.

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  1. Hey Pic - Let's remember the leak and publish of Trump's stuff is a pair of criminal acts. Truly illegal stuff, that will be given a pass.

    Next let's reflect on the credit he got - he got it because he risked and LOST a crapload of money. That is way investing and taxes go. Any Profits get taxed right en and there, and any losses you can take out of future profits a bit each year until you use them up.

    Having them is not a good thing, as you usually have had to lose several times what the credit is going to be - I mean nobody wants to lose $100 to get $26 worth of future tax credits do they?

    Now for the zinger - Killary's campaign has confirmed that she has used exactly the same tax credit system, but because with her lower economic level they were only for some $700,000 plus/minus a tricked F-150 or so.

    Now for the final thing - for both Killary and for Trump this tax technique is legal, long standing and needed to make it possible to attract investors to American projects. It is no special deal. We've all met people who had investments go south and ended up with the same sort of tax credits. Just in my case they were usually farmers and the dollars were never even as high as Killary's.

    Now for one last stab in this sacred cow the media has laid out for us - the New York Times not only paid no taxes, but actually achieved a negative tax rate by getting a refund. These folks at the NYT finagled a way to not get a future credit, but to get Uncle to send them a nearly $3m check refunding something or another. Again legally mind you, but still comes off a fair bit hypocritical for journalists on corporate welfare to call out other tax payers, especially by illegally publishing illegally leaked documents.

    I guess it is Libtard Logic that they use to somehow declare it as a rightful thing to do?

    Like with you No Animals Were Harmed in writing this, but I did think some unkind thoughts about the corrupt MSM, criminal NYT and the crookedist of them all, Killary.

    But it didn't work, because when I open my eyes they have not been smitten down by our Lord nor have they been recalled by their evil master. What's a country to do when evil just won't go away?