Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I can take my mask off, thank God. I'm not the Lone Ranger.

One of the guys just sent me this.

I just posted this rant on one of my motorcycle forums that has an Off Topic discussion board. The forum has a mix of mostly conservative and of course a bunch of full blown liberals with whom I am always at odds. One of the libs started a discussion titled "Who Inspires You?". Lots of the standard BS like MLK, Honest Abe and some saying their fathers and grands and then comes me and my reply below. I should expect a good deal of admonishment along with some praise pretty quick.

My (his) reply:

This one is sure to get me flamed but what else is new here. Donald J. Trump inspires me.

Why in the world would a self made billionaire even want to step out of his luxury high rise penthouse and into the cesspool of politics is beyond my comprehension. This man had the world by the balls and every comfort known to man with a gorgeous wife and family all living the good life and is now tied to the bumper of a rat infested political machine and being dragged through mud and feces with his entire life under a microscope. He will have spent well over 100 Million of his own dollars to win a job that pays less than a half million per year and claims he is doing it for US as in you and me and for the United States of America.
For many years I and many of us have been saying "We want our country back" and DJT is the one and only person we have ever witnessed enter the political fray and go directly after all those who have stolen our country. He is at this point probably the most hated man in America by all those who want to maintain the Status Quo but also the most loved by the millions who have and are being beaten and taxed into poverty.
Like him or not, he is the only person who has ever stepped up to the plate and set the entire political word on it's ear without the fear of his own well being. Never again will there ever be such a man willing to put it all on the line the way Trump has in this election cycle. Some here will certainly say he did it for the power. Maybe except that he already has more power than any mortal man needs. Some will say he is doing it for his ego and this too might be true but I am perfectly fine with that since he has exposed oh so many of the corrupt politicians and dealings that have taken this country into the depths of despair with overwhelming debt, racial and religious divide, police being targeted for death and the entire world on fire in every corner. I guess you can even say his opponent is a better choice but please tell me and us if you can, exactly how are the ones who got us here in the first place are going to fix the mess they themselves have made. Tell us how anything will get any better with the proven failures and endless scandals of the Clinton's that have plagued this country for well over 30 years. I am all ears on this as I have lived through it all of my adult life and so far to date I have never seen any politician do anything but blow smoke up our ass. The democrats are and have been the party for the poor for at least the last 50 years and the poor are getting poorer and the inner cities are still dumps. They have been fixing social security for as long as I have paid into it, over 50 years now, and it is just as broken today. BTW, How is all this Free Healthcare working out for us? Not to mention our National Debt has doubled in the past 8 years. Yup, we need Hillary like I need the clap!

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