Monday, October 24, 2016

Someone warned me to chill out and stay away from politics on this blog.

I got the usual Big Brother is watching you warning.

I hope he is. If he isn't I am not doing my job. I had BEST be on some kind of watch list or I am not doing my job as an American citizen circa 2016.

I told him that and he looked at me wide-eyed.


That being said, Kudos to the Facebook upper management. Their employees wanted to heavily censor the Trump people and FB top management refused to let them.

How I feel about that depends on why they did this.

If they encourage the free flow of ideas and support the American way of no censorship then kudos to them.

On the other hand, it very well have been a strictly economic decision. 

Had they started censoring things then they would have created a void where people would want an open forum. Someone would have come in and offered a website free of censorship and Facebook would have likely lost an awful lot of people and the corresponding amount of advertising revenue.

This ain't much of a blog as far as numbers go but it is an open forum. I do not delete comments unless they are advertising, or are too crude, profane or outright pornographic.

I suppose if I dig through the past almost 2700 posts there are a few unflattering comments. You can find them as I have not deleted them.

However, we are fast on the road to censorship.

I have heard (and have no true insider information) that some of the search engines have filtered results to support Hillary. It makes sense because they are big money and the big money supports the Clintons.

I am totally anti censorship and love open forums. 

While I am conservative as hell and want little from the government except to stay out of my hair, I believe everyone has the right to express themselves.

What has gotten on my nerves the past few years is the way the liberals have tried to censor us through illegal and immoral means.

Put a conservative sticker on your vehicle and expect to have it vandalized. Same goes for a Trump sticker in front of the house.

That's censorship by intimidation.

So are allowing the Black Panthers to intimidate people at the voting booth. Personally I think that if the government isn't willing to step up to the plate than the public reserves the right to stop this. It really wouldn't take a whole lot.

There's nothing better to get one's attention than a tennis ball sized cherry bomb and a promise to return with something a little more forceful. Hell, even a 2 liter pop bottle with dry ice and water in it will get their attention. Most times it doesn't take much.

While I suppose a single well-placed shot will certainly do the trick, it's generally not necessary. It usually doesn't even have to injure anyone.

The reason people do things like vandalize cars and intimidate voters is because we let them.

Picture two scenarios. One a college kid gets caught keying a car and gets two legs broken. He's not likely to do it again.Neither are any of his friends. Why? The actions have consequences.

The second is that he gets caught and held for the police and gets offered to cough up say, $5000 for a repaint job and another $10,000 for aggravation or get convicted.

In which case as often a not Dear Old Dad will come running in with his checkbook. If he doesn't little junior now has another debt to pay on top of his college loan in addition to a criminal record.

In short, if there are consequences for one's illegal actions then the illegal activity will generally go away. Even the fear of consequences will generally make something go away. 

Right now I'm sure the forces that be are looking for a way to censor the internet. They have found that it is rapidly gaining on the MSM which they control. 

Donald Trump would not gotten nearly as far as he has without the grassroots efforts of the little people that passed out the Wikileaks information and Veritas videos that the MSM stifled.

If we lose the internet, ALL of us, conservative and liberal will suffer.

I'm no particular lover of Donald Trump but I am a lover of liberty. I hold it at the top of my list of priorities. 

Sometimes a knight in shining armor arrives in a pair of greasy, sweaty coveralls. In a way this is what Donald Trump is.He simply wants to clean up the swamp and try and return us to what our potential as a free nation is.

This is the only chance we will get to get out from under the power of big money and get our liberties back. This election is not Republican vs Democrat, nor liberal vs conservative. It is about cleaning up government.

Your choice.

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