Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I'm pretty much done with yard work for a while

and last night I was handed an unsolicited bottle of Tullamore Dew by my next door neighbor.

There is a hill between out houses and it had overgrown with weeds. It really did look like hell. Most of it is my property but the top few feet belongs to her. before I started this project I  told her what I was doing and got her blessing.

She has been very good to me over the years and in general I run things by her in matters involving the lot line. It is one of those deals where all I have to do is ask... but I do have to ask.

Of course, I cleared the whole hill as I was clearing it anyway and it would have looked like hell if I had stopped at the lot line so I cleared the whole damned thing. It looks OK.

Last night in gratitude she dropped off a bottle for me. She didn't have to but she did.

I guess it is all part of being a good neighbor.

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