Tuesday, April 2, 2013

...Maybe sixty good years, it's still not that long a stay....Jimmy Buffett.

My sixty good years are pretty much up. I've truly enjoyed them and know I am living on borrowed time. All too soon that will likely be over.

I pray the end comes quickly and mercifully when it happens.

Every life has a beginning a middle and an end. The beginning is a nanosecond as is the end. The beginning is when the spark called life is lit and the end is when it goes out. Anyone that has ever seen a tombstone can figure this out. There is a birth and death year seperated by a dash.

Funny that the dash is so short because that is the interesting part of the individual. It is their life and consists of the period of time between the birth and death.

Mine's been pretty good with its ups and downs and I really have no complaint and nobody to blame but myself for any failures I may have suffered.

My successes have been mine, too. President Obama didn't help me do a damned thing. Actually all he did was take my money from me and give it to someone else, thus making me a lillte less successful.

One of the things I am disgusted with are the actions of many of my generation that have decided to steer a free country in the general direction of socialism.

It isn't right but at least my niece and nephew, who are going to have to live on the upcoming paradise on earth and be saddled with the massive debt my generation has piled on them with won't hold me responsible. We've discussed it and they know I have done what I can.

One of the things I have planned when my time is up is to be buried at sea by the United States Navy. I am eligible for this and it will not cost the governent anything to have a half-dozen sailors toss me over the side if a vessel that is already underway.

I also have a note to the captain to pass on to the goat locker asking the chiefs to figure out a way to make my casket land on the ocean floor face down. That will make it easier for many of my generation to kiss my ass.

I hope I am not here to see the inevitable collapse as the government eventually turns into a dictatorship as it most likely will. Democracies generally last about 250 years. They fail when the people in it see that they can vote themselves money out of the treasury. That is exactly what is happening now with all of our wonderful costly social programs.

I will confess that I am an angry man and I am angry at a damned large portion of my generation that have taken the lazy route and voted themselves money out of the public treasury and created the biggest unsustainable welfare state in the planet.

I am angry that we are leaving such a pig sty of debt behind for my nieces and nephews to clean up. They'll be paying for us one way or another.

I'm angry at the entire Free $hit Army and angry at the greed of defense contractors and a lot of other people and entities that have dipped their greasy fingers into the federal pie.

In truth both political parties are responsible, although the Democrats have probably hurt us the most by creating a welfare state.

One of the things I do hope for is that a lot of my generation live long, healthy lives so that they can watch the entire thing crumble and go down the tubes. With any luck they can watch a dictatorship murder or enslave their chidren and grandchildren.

Hopefully when that happens I will be resting peacefully in a box at the bottom of the sea.

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