Saturday, April 13, 2013

I saw today where the stuffy old men at GOP headquarters

 voted to keep the stance against gay marriage on the party platform.

More stupidity in high places.

As usual, they are doing every single thing possible to snatch defeat out of the firm jaws of victory. Leadership of the GOP is now left to a bunch of fat, rich white men that do not have a clue as to what is going on in the world. The GOP has gone progressively down the tubes since they decided to let the Christian Coalition write their platform for them.

Truth is that nobody likes being told what to do by the moral police and that's plain and simple. What two (or three or ten) consenting adults do behind closed doors is nobody's business. I couldn't care less what a couple of gays do behind closed doors. It is simply none of my business.

Nobody likes listening to some stuffy preacher type telling people they are headed to hell if they don't conform to their standards. As for me I have friends in both places.

The GOP generally gets my vote because of two reasons and only two reasons. I am financially conservative and I support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

While I don't like the way the GOP spends a lot more money than they need on defense contractors I would far rather have it go there than to the Free $hit Army because that is what is dragging us down.

Democracies only last about 250 years and what kills them is people discover that they can vote themselves money out of the treasury. We're seeing that now and we're broke.

Right now the GOP is doing a first-class job of doing what they do best and alienating valuable voters by trying to legislate morality.

If you look at gays in general they are generally more educated and financially successful than their heterosexual counterparts. Part of this is they do not have the expenses incurred with raising kids.

Because of this you generally find fewer gays on welfare and other government aid. I'm reasonably sure they don't like paying for the Free $hit Army, either. In short, the gay community by nature is fairly conservative.

Yet they vote for liberal candidates because liberals have greeted them with open arms. The liberals have gotten them what they want.

Another group the GOP seems to have alienated is Hispanics and they are a pretty sizable voting bloc.

Another thing thay have not done is throw Rick Santorum out on his sorry moonbat ass. I have never in my entire life seen a person like him before. He went from being the senator I voted for and supported to a person that very well could have had the presidency by sticking his head up his ass and joining the Christian coalition and advocating letting the Moral Police of the GOP run the show.

In a way it was sad to watch a person that had some pretty good financial ideas that would have helped get us out of this quagmire we're in run his mouth about something as stupid and piddly as gay rights and throw it down the crapper.

He went from heavyweight contender of the world straight down the tubes to Chief Moonbat of the GOP in just a couple of weeks. The man should be carefully used as a study on what is known to sailors as 'The Reverse Midas Touch' meaning everything he touched turned into warm, steaming $hit.

The leadership of the GOP doesn't seem to get it. Not a whole lot of people care about having morality legislated. They don't care about who is doing what to who behind closed doors.

Had the GOP come out and supported the gay community by simply offering them civil unions they would have had a lot of support from not only gays but a lot of straights, too.

Instead they passed the Defense of Marriage Act which is a joke anyway. Personally I think the government should get out of the marriage business entirely and permit civil unions between any two people that want one and leave it at that.

If you want to get married, go see the preacher.

Historically the government hasn't been in the marriage business all that long. When you think of it, all being married is good for is getting a few tax breaks. Look at Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. They have been a unit for decades and neither of them has considered marriage. Truth is it is nobody's business.

As far as civil unions go, all of us, no matter of what our sexuaity is have a right to pass on our estates, whatever on  to some significant other without government interference.

The significant other doesn't necessarily have to be a sex partner, either. I had a maternal aunt that was an old maid schoolteacher that likely never married because she was too much of a pain in the ass. She had a twin brother and they lived in a duplex together but seperately.(Same duplex, different units) I suppose the two of them should have had a civil union because when the first one of them passed on and left his stuff to her the state came in and robbed her for a part of it. That's bull$hit.

Anyway, back to the GOP and the stuffy old rich white men that have run it for decades.

There are a number of black conservatives out there that have done well and I never see the leadership reaching out to them.

Yet historically it was the Democrats that have not been very good to the black community. The first gun control laws in the country were passed to keep recently freed black slaves from getting guns to defend themselves. A lot of the early civil rights legislation was contested bitterly by the blue dog democrats.

Martin Luther King was a Republican and believed in personal responsibility. Yet the majority of blacks vote democrat because the democrats started pandering to them.

When LBJ signed one of his Great Society programs he was overheard saying, and I quote, "We'll have those ni&&ers voting Democratic for another 20 years."

I suppose I could argue that the Democrats have worked hard to put a large part of the black community back into servitude and they seem to have been successful because there are a large number of blacks shackled in the golden handcuffs of welfare.

A lot of them would be better off back in the plantations because at least they would be getting some fresh air and exercise and being useful instead of sitting around all day rusting away like the old tractors that replaced them on the plantations.(There are an awful lot of whites that fit into this category, too.)

Dr. King would be spinning if he knew that because he had always supported personal responsibility and self- determination.

Yet GOP leadership had done a splendid job of alienating a lot of conservative blacks. It's likely that the handful of black conservatives in the GOP are there not because of, but in spite of the present day leadership.

If the GOP would junk the social issues, tell the Christian Coalition to go away, return to basic fiscal responsibility and stop pandering to people like defense contractors and oil companies they would likely be able to get us back on a solid financial footing instead of driving us deeper and deeper into debt as they are doing in what seems to be a joint effort with the demcrats.

Of course, the Tea Party came out trying to follow the basic values of fiscal conservatism and would have likely done quite well. It wouldn't have surprised me if they'd have stripped the ranks of the GOP clean, but they made the same mistake the GOP did.

They let themselves be sidetracked by social and religious issues, which are certain to alienate an awful lot  of people. They went from an overnight up and coming success to another dismal flop in about the same amount of time.

Until the GOP leadership smartens up they are simply giving the future to the liberal movement out there and it won't be long until we implode.

Incidentally, not that it means anything, but I am  NOT a Republican.

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  1. In the grander scheme of things, this like most is one persons opinion and dosen't mean a thing. Que Sera Sera! There are many roads to travel in life, but only one leads to paradise. Everyone has to make their own choice and deal with the consequences that follow.

    1. What Will be Will be?

      Case of Rice-a-roni...

      Do you believe in fate?

      If you are resigned to the fact that you cannot change anything around you, you serve no useful purpose on this planet.

      You may take that any way like.