Friday, April 5, 2013

People that borrow stuff and don't return it suck

One of the things I have noticed is that there are a lot of people out there that borrow stuff and don't return it.

That sucks in itself but what sucks even more is when you ask for your stuff back the borrower gets indignant.

There's a guy I know that over the years has been a pain in the ass borrowing stuff from me and making me chase the stuff down when I need it for myself.

A couple of weeks ago he wanted to borrow a bow saw from me and I flat out told him to buy his own and he got upset.

He said it wasn't fair and I agreed with him. It isn't fair.

It isn't fair that I go out and buy something for myself and then someone borrows it and puts wear and tear on it and doesn't even have the decency to return the item when he's done using it.

On the other hand I have a guy like Neighbor Bob who borrows something indestructable like a crow bar, uses it for ten minutes, returns it and sends me dinners every other night for the next two weeks out of gratitude.

I don't charge for things I loan out. It is part of being a good neighbor and I am generous with my time and skills. I am one of the go-to guys in the neighborhood and have been booted out of the rack at 0300 to help with a plumbing emergency or something else along those lines.

I loan things out without expecting anything in return but good manners and it seem that they are disappearing at a pretty good rate these days.

As for the guy that wanted to borrow my bow saw to cut up a few limbs, he can simply do what I did and go down to the same store I went to and buy his own. It's not going to break his bank. They're about ten or fifteen bucks.

I'm simply tired of having to chase my stuff down.

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  1. At least you know when stuff gets borrowed. My wife has a habit of lending our stuff out, and I won't know that it's missing until I need it. Worse is that she will have no clue to whom she lent the item out to.