Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the background

 there was a 'King of the Hill' episode where Bobby went to a woman's self-defense class and learned the fine art of what is often called the 'nut shot'.

While I didn't pay much attention to the episode I did hear one of the guys comment that it was hokey. He had taught a woman's self-defense class and trained women to go after the eyes. I guess that makes sense because over the years I have had a couple people unsuccessfully try and kick me in the testicles. They were unsuccessful simply because of my basic instincts.

Figuring I am no different that anyone else I brought that up and we agreed that men instinctively cover their groins and that a shot at the eyes was more likely to be successful.

I asked the guy what the best real world defense was and he simply said that it was not to be where you shouldn't be.

Common sense. I asked him how it went over when he taught the course to women and he told me that it depended on the crowd. Here's where I found things entertaining.

Most women paid attention and simply agreed that the best way to avoid trouble is to stay out of areas they should not be in.

Then there was the crowd that wanted to argue that they had every right to go anywhere they wanted to dressed anyway they pleased.

Of course they do have the right to go where they want dressed as they please. I can't disagree with that but I really don't have a lot of sympathy for someone that is stupid enough to and winds up becoming a victim.

We can argue all we want and take all of the reactive actions we want but the truth is we have two choices. We can either avoid the unsafe areas or clean them up.

I won't get into cleaning up an area because I am not an activist or a policeman, and avoiding these areas has likely been pounded half to death three times.

What I will address is looking at the problem and accepting the reality of it.

As a sailor I have to accept reality because if I don't I will likely wind up being a dead sailor. Sailors actually come in four types. Dead, retired, novice and pessimist.

The pessimist is the one that looks at the world around him and instantly accepts it and instinctively makes plans to deal with the matter at hand. He does this because he simply assumes that if he doesn't he's going to lose big time.

He will change course, find a place to hole up or do whatever it takes. Avoiding the problem in the first place becomes primary. It becomes pragmatism at its finest. Better to run from bad weather than try and become a hero because there are a lot of dead heroes out there.

Back to our little miss that insists she has a right to go where she pleases and dress as she pleases.

Her biggest problem is that she is afraid to look at reality as things are then and there and deal with it. Once she gets over that she stands a pretty good chance of getting through life fairly unscathed, although if she paid attention to the moves taught in class that can't hurt, either.

Most of life is being aware avoiding the problem in the first place.

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  1. The problem with avoiding the "bad places" is that every place can be a bad place. What is a normal area to one person will freak grandma out. Also some jobs require you to go places that aren't that nice.

    On a second note, why does TV show a nut shot as being debilitating? I've received a bad touch to my nads many a time, and it does not bring me to my knees. Yes it hurts. Yes it makes me angry. But it's never stopped me.

    As a matter of fact, it merely gave me more incentive to push on.

  2. Every place can turn bad, but there's a difference between having trouble find you and looking for it.