Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yesterday I was busy as a bee

and didn't find out that the background check law didn't pass the Senate until later in the evening.

I can say that I am overjoyed that it didn't because it likely means the rest of the gun legislation won't pass.

Not one bit of this legislation will make us any safer. It will deprive us of our rights and actually make us LESS safe.

Of course I suppose I'll have to listen to the usual crowd of whiners on Facebook.

In other news, I got a good night's sleep and am getting ready for a late breakfast. The cat is being his usual pain in the ass and I have already gotten a couple of my chores out of the way.

I snagged a 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam and have re bottled it into about 17 or 18 of the little 100 ml bottles I keep for either bribes or guests. Now I have a fresh 1.75 liter bottle for iced tea when I garden. The repacks will be served to visitors and the factory sealed bottles will be saved for little tips and bribes to people like the trash guys or anyone else that I deem fit. The kitchen smells like a moonshine distillery now and I suppose it will for a few hours. Actually it is not objectionable.

When I stopped off for a couple of groceries last evening I met the guy that fixed my furnace. Interesting man. When the company  he was working for cratered he simply took another job and invested in himself via the Community College route. He learned the HVAC trade and as soon as he could he got a job in that business. He reports that he is doing about as well as he used to and feels he has more job security.

He says his kids are going to go to college AND leaarn a useful trade to fall back on.

The kid at the register asked me how I was doing and I replied, "Not worth a $hit, but thank you very much for asking. It shows that your mother raised you with a few manners and that is quite refreshing in this day and age."

The guy behind me grinned broadly, looked at me and said, "You got that one right."

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