Friday, April 26, 2013

Not much but it is a post

It's about the time I generally take my morning coffee out into the driveway and watch the neighborhood start to spool up.
I watch some of the mothers send their kids off to school and people shove off for work and with any luck the bitch several doors down sees me and frowns. Nothing like starting the day off knowing you have pissed someone off just because of who you are.
On the other hand, there are always several people that smile at me and wave as they go out to spin the wheels of industry. Countering the bitch that scowls at me, I will also have to be honest and add that there is nothing like having someone wave and smile you just because of who you are.
Every so often someone might stop for a few seconds and either ask me what's going on or tip me off about something or another but most people simply wave. Someone stops every few days. Generally it's the lady that works in a nearby shop.
She has a reputation of being a gossip but in truth she knows a lot of people and has kept me out of hot water a time or two by keeping me posted about things. Last time it was a police trap at a certain stop sign.
I guess this is life in the burbs and it ain't all that awfully bad. In fact it's pretty good. I have been blessed with pretty good neighbors. When I put up a 43 foot vertical antenna in my back yard a couple of them dropped what they were doing and helped me erect it.
In a lot of other neighborhoods they would be raising hell and calling it an eyesore. Anyway it pays dividends to be a best friend/worst enemy.
As I type I am enjoying a venison steak dinner and as I usually do, it's a meal of basics. Venison, cole slaw and a O'Doul's as I plan on going out tonight and do not drink and drive as hitting a bump and spilling one's beer is considered to be alcohol abuse. There's another steak in the reefer and it looks like it ought to go pretty good with a couple eggs in the morning.
Oddly enough, one of the biggest pains in this area is stop signs as half the people with corner lots and a stop sign in front insist that everyone passing through comes to a complete and total stop and then waits a couple of seconds.
The hippocracy of it is that the same guy that raises hell about HIS stop sign will blow through every sign he encounters.
I got stopped at one once for failure to stop completely even though I likely had and got a warning. I didn't argue because I figured out that the cop just wanted to close the complaint.
I seriously think the cop knew I wouldn't fight over a warning because all you do with one is throw it in the trash. That is unless you remember you forgot to buy bathroom tissue.
The suburbs generally have pretty good departments for a number of reasons. Money is arguable, working conditions are not. The burbs are less prone to drugs and violence and the work for the most part is less risky.
Still, a cop with several years in the city likely has to change as the smaller departments mean the cops are more prone to complaints from the local gentry.
Anyway, when the cop handed me the warning I mentioned that the guy that lived in the corner house had a bad habit of driving through stop signs in my neck of the woods. He surpressed a smirk and said nothing.
A few months later I heard that the complainer got nailed and nailed hard for running a stop sign and a few other add-ons. When I heard that I grinned.
Right now it is before breakfast as I have just left this open to chip away at and in a few I'll turn the rig on and check in with Jda and Jim on the Young Ladies system.
The coffeemaker seems to be running slow so I guess I'll have to get a gallon of white vinegar and run it through a few times to clean things inside of it.
And I have to go on a four hour errand sometime today.
One other thing is that I think that I have found and Elmer to get me up and running on the digital modes of ham radio. One of the guys in the club has offered to set me up. What's interesting about him is that he lives just a few blocks away.
Gotta get ready. Sun's up and I have to go.

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