Saturday, April 6, 2013

Theft is theft.

I see that a judge has blocked the BP payouts for the spill they had in the Gulf a couple of years ago. I didn't bother reading the article in depth.

I did some cleanup work there and saw the shattered oil tower firsthand and it wasn't a pretty sight.

While BP is likely responsible for coughing up some seriousmoney here and a lot of it is deserved there is another side to the story that doesn't meet the eye.

How many of the claims made were fraudulent?

I have no problem with, say a local commercial fisherman that lost out on a couple of seasons collecting because he couldn't make a living. On the other hand, someone from out of the area showing up with a boat and a recently purchased license claiming he was going to fish there is bogus.

While a lot of people in the tourist business likely lost quite a bit of business and do have a claim, there are likely basic residents on the Florida coast that have submitted claims about alleged losses even though no oil hit their beach.

I would not be surprised that some people heard about the spill and changed their summer vacaation plans to head to Maine or Minnesota to Louisiana just so they could complain that big mean old BP ruined their vacation and they want compensation.

In short there are too damned many people that are patently dishonest out there and when the smoke clears they are not just steaing from some abstract company somewhere, but from all of us.

Look at shoplifting.

A lot of peope look at it as some kind of way of getting even with, for example, Walmart for taking their money. There seems to be a lot of people out there that think the corperations out there are inherently evil.

Automakers and oil companies are in this category. It's the in thing to hate the automakers and oil companies, but the very people that scream the loudest are going to find themselves at the head of the line if they went away and they had to walk home and freeze in the dark.

I drive a pickup to work and put gas in it. I am grateful that I am able to do so. It beats walking 320 miles each way to work. It also makes it a lot easier to get groceries.

Truth be known, Wally World takes their losses into consideration when they set prices and add it in.

The guys that stole big ticket items from Wally World have actually cost me money because I have to pay a little more to offset it.

I'd like to see BP catch a few of these people and nail them to the wall. I would laugh my ass off.

There are a lot of people out there that look at piles of oney and think it belngs to us all. That's a crock. If you want big money get off your ass and earn it. Bill Gates did. He earned every nickel of it by changing the way we do things on the entire planet.

Bill did it without any help from President Obama. It's his

money and anyone that tries to take it is a thief just like anyone that has filed a fraudulent claim against BP for the oil spill.

It is as simple as that.

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