Friday, April 19, 2013

Yesterday I had an interesting dealing with a whiner.

Right now my project is to yank up a hedgerow which I am doing with a wire choker, a tow strap and a pickup. It's going along fast as I can hook them up and give them a quick yank.

I had to take a break and head down to the supermarket and on the way I saw someone trying to dig up a bush. I stopped and watched for a second. He looked up and grumbled about what a pain in the neck it was to dig up the bush. I asked him what it was worth to have it removed and he told me he'd give me fifty bucks then and there if I could remove it.

I reached into the back of the pickup and grabbed the choker and tow strap and inside of three minutes it was up and out of the ground. "That'll be fifty bucks," I said.

"I could have done that," he protested.

"Why didn't you?" I shot back.

I collected my $50. It was like pulling teeth. Then went on my way.

Truth is I would have done this job for free if the guy had been a decent person but I knew him as being a neighborhood pain in the neck so I simply made a few bucks on the deal.

Best friend, worst enemy.

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