Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Raining today so I think I'll do a little DXing

The weather is breaking and the other day I was treated to the sight of a top heavy soccer mom in a tank top and wondered if the pair of jiggling Casbah melons under it were going to pop over the top of her tank top. They didn't but it was close a couple of times.

I got a lot of outside work done and if it does decide to rain heavy today and give the place a good soaking then things will be for the better. My flower beds are in good shape and the Beam bottle is full of iced tea for tomorrow when the weather is scheduled to be dry. There's still a little touch up work to be done.

Yesterday morning I had a medical test and did OK which means nothing because there are a lot of people that just drop dead two or three days after they passed their whatever test it was they had.

Yesterday in the Dr's office another patient, a woman was griping that she was seriously considering home schooling her kids because she said that people like Bill Ayers are writing curriculums for our schools.

Can't say as I blame her. Ayers is married to Bernadine Dohrn and both of these were sixties terrorists. Both of them do not belong in our educational system. They should be sitting in jail now and being allowed to meet the parole board for the first time.

I did a lot of listening but kept my mouth shut as I didn't want my blood pressure to go through the roof before my test.

Like I said, today it is raining and I think I'll chase a few DX nets on my HF rig. I am listening to the Southern Cross net as I type and the band isn't in very good shape now so I guess I'll go up to the YLISSB net and check in. After that I'll start spinning the dial and see what other activity is out there today.

Someone showed me a picture of Boston when they shut the city down and it looked like something out of 'Life after People'.

They shut down the entire city of Boston and I have very mixed feelings on this. It could be spun in two different ways.

The message that the entire city will stick together and stop what they are doing to run one single man down like a dog seems like it would send a very powerful message out to the criminal community.

On the other hand, the message it sends out to the terrorist community is a whole lot different. It tells them that they can shut down an entire city with just a couple of easy to make pressure cooker bombs.

Personally I take the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' attitude the Brits took during the Battle of Britain. You keep calm and go about your business and change nothing. You do not let them win.

I think the Bostonians should have simply gone about their business like nothing happened and not given the bastards the victory. 

Let's face it,the terrorists won another one here and likely there will be repercussions and we'll wind up losing freedoms here somehow. There will likely be searches or you'll have fill out useless paperwork to buy a pressure cooker or reloading supplies.

Of course, the media has to share responsibility in this one, too. They turned the apprehension of the kid brother into a media circus and as soon as it hit the airwaves half of Watertown and the surrounding communities descended on the scene like a pack of hungry dogs fighting for a piece of meat.

It got so bad there that I imagine the police had to use more of their assets for crowd control than they did on the perpetrator.

As soon as he got nailed would have been a perfect time for another   terrorist to let fly as the mob was pretty dense and were occupied with the business at hand. They were likely standing around running their mouths over this and that, oblivious to what was happening around them.

I would imagine that someone with a load of baby wipes and a large firecracker could have made a fortune at this point. (I posted this comment somewhere else and got slain for it.)

Likely ten years ago I would have been another busybody and gone out to check the scene out, but I have changed my attitude over time. I no longer have a pressing need to stand around in a crowd looking at whatever mess is out there to be seen.

If I can't contribute by going there I'll contribute more simply by staying the hell away and not getting in the way.

Still, all in all, I think that maybe Boston would be better off in the long run if they had taken a "Keep Calm and Carry On" attitude.

I might be wrong, but it makes sense to me.

The radio next to me just went off and I think I'll check in with Jda and the YL net and then see if I can get an African on 15 meters when the net opens there.

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  1. "I would imagine that someone with a load of baby wipes and a large firecracker could have made a fortune at this point."

    Oh dear... You sir, I think, have won the internets with that comment. I'm going to heck for having laughed at that.