Friday, April 12, 2013

Maggie's funeral.


Downing Street has confirmed that Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will not be invited.

Whoda ever thought such a thing and the Argentine president that seems to be offended reminds me of the last gathering of Iwo Jima veterans. For some reason they didn't invite General Kurabayashi's son, Taro.

For some other reason the Khe Sanh survivors didn't invite General Giap to their reunion, either.

I will attribute this to more stupidity in high places. If I were the President of Argentina I would have laid low and made myself small. Very, very small.

Then again, bad taste is timeless.


A lot of my present attitude goes back to gum at school. When I was caught chewing it I was asked if I had brought enough for everyone. (I hear they still use that time worn line)

I asked the teacher if she was some kind of communist and got an hour after school for that one.

Several months later I got caught again by the same teacher and when she asked me the same dumb question I simply got up and started handing gum out and got TWO hours for that.

I guess the following year I got caught again by another teacher who gave me another hour and then I asked HIM if he was a communist.

I liked this guy. He asked me what I meant by that and I told him that if anyone else wanted gum they could go out and get a job raking leaves or shoveling snow and buy their own gum.

I pointed out that we have choices and options and that if we chose to spend money on something else other than gum and didn't have any to chew we only had ourselves to blame for it.

I pointed out that I had shared my gum with a few other people because it was my choice to do so not because I was forced to do so by someone else.

He was a pretty thoughtful teacher and listened to me and surprised me. He told me I was right and that he wasn't going to use that line ever again.

To the best of my knowledge he never did.


One of the guys tells me that his little girl wants a St. Bernard.

That is an interesting breed of dog. It was bred in the Swiss Alps to find lost travelers in snowstorms. They traditionally carried a small keg of brandy around their necks to revive weary travelers.

They are also HUGE and are very capable of negotiating their way through snow drifts to deliver Man's Best Friend to weary snowbound travelers.


Today was a nice spring day and I enjoyed it. Spring seems to be running both a little late and a little chilly this year.

Still I am glad that it is getting warmer. I really don't like cold weather too much but I guess I have to live with it and I suppose I will because I do not see myself running off to the Carribean to live in the near future.

Maybe I ought to sell my house and move into a sailboat again and just be a bum but it's too early to consider retiring. I need a few more years or one good lottery ticket. I don't see that happening in the near future.

Truth is I don't trust Social Security being there for very long, either. It appears that the powers that be feel it is more important to support those of working age that do not want to work than to pay a retirement out to someone that has worked and paid into the program for their entire lives.

I might as well just get over any real plans of retirement until I am physically unable to work and then see what happens.

What is worse, though is that my generation is leaving this mess to out grandchildren. If they throw us to the wolves the truth is I can't blame them. We have it coming.


Well, on a happier note I'll end today's post by pointing out that Treyvon Martin hasn't smoked marijuana or gotten into trouble for a year now. We can thank George Zimmerman's efficient rehabilitative efforts for that.

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