Saturday, April 20, 2013

Offhand match today. Running fast early

Running fast as I have an offhand match today.

It's supposed to be 40 rounds, any rifle any sight and the first time I have shot this one as it is a fairly new event at the club.

I had dropped out of things for a while and I returned to find that there is a match scheduled for every weekend. There is a 40 round offhand match that I think I will  enter with a .22.

There is also a 40 shot slow fire at 200 yards which is any rifle any sight and there are 2 service rifle matches.

Of course, I'll use a service rifle for the service rifle matches but for the offhand I'll use a .22 and for the slow fire I think I'll use an M40 and shoot that one off of my belly and out of competition.

Anyway, I'm off to shoot today.

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